Somali government to Holland and Sweden: don’t send those troublemakers back here

Photo from Horseed Media

According to the Somaliland Sun, the new government of Somalia recently turned back an airplane carrying Somali youths being deported from the Netherlands and Sweden (were some of them the Somalis who terrorized Sweden back in May?).

I looked around a bit for another source on this news and didn’t find it.  In February the Dutch Government was thwarted in an attempt to send back a few criminal types, so I’m not sure there was a recent plane carrying Somali deportees from two countries (it strikes me as strange that the two countries coordinated such a flight).

Nevertheless, this is being reported at Somali websites (emphasis is mine):

Somalilandsun – An airplane carrying Somalis deported from Holland and Sweden has recently been turned back from Mogadishu airport

The Somali nationality and Immigration directorate have recently returned back an airplane carrying Somali youth deportees from Holland and Sweden , according to local Somali websites .

General Abdillahi Gaafo who is the director of Immigration said that ” it is illegal to send youth back to the country without any notification to the Somali government and without indicating the reasons behind their deportation” . Any forced return of Somalis by these countries should be prior to talks between these countries and Somalia and with prior agreement by the Somali government on the return of deportees to the country, the general concluded .

Holland has earlier been condemned for sending Somalis back to the war-torn country and the EU high courts have prevented many Somalis from being forcefully deported to Somalia by the Dutch government .

So, if it’s true, then the Dutch and Swedish governments need to try notifying first and see what happens.

Readers, think about this.  All over the world, Africans are leaving Africa and Middle Easterners are trying to get out of their hellholes.  How is this ever going to stop in the decades to come?  Sad to say, but in my view, the invasion of the West is only going to get worse.

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