Friday round-up: July 2014 best month ever for RRW!

Refugee Resettlement Watch was launched in July 2007 (see ‘about’ if you have never read it) and this July we recorded our best month in all of those seven years as the issue of phony refugees (unaccompanied alien children) has galvanized the public’s attention on the whole refugee program of the US government.

There is a silver lining in the recent border crisis!  Finally lots of researchers and writers (and a few real reporters!) are digging into the finances and the political goals of the “charitable organizations” driving the open borders movement.  More researchers and more bloggers are needed, however!

Our readership increased by almost 100% since May.

If you haven’t noticed our daily Top Posts in the right hand sidebar, the top three with the most readers, for this week, are:

Will the federal government resettle hundreds of Congolese refugees in Dover, NH?

Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheet

Senator Jeff Sessions: Melt Congressional phone lines on Monday!

Top ten countries this week, and apologies again to readers from around the world that we haven’t been writing enough about your ‘refugee’ problems and illegal alien invasions since so much is happening with ours.  Of course, most of our readers come from the US, but here (below) are the top ten countries from which we hosted readers (in descending order) this past week.

The top three are usually the same; new in the top ten this week are Malta, India and Sweden.  (See last week’s round-up here.)




Germany (#6 last week)

Thailand (#7 last week)


South Africa (#5 last week)

France (#9 last week)



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P.S. to critics:  This is a charitable enterprise on my part, let’s just call it an ‘act of love’ to spend hours every day informing average taxpaying American citizens about the migrant tide (much of it LEGAL) flooding our towns and cities through a morass of government programs dressed up to look like ‘religious charity.’

Bottom line! You have a right to know what they plan for your community!

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