Friday round-up: Top posts, top countries

Since I don’t know how many readers have a look at our Top Posts every day in the right hand sidebar, thought maybe I would, at the end of each week, give a brief summary of what readers were most interested in over the previous seven days.

Here are the top three this week:

Athens, GA:  Do you know you will soon be receiving hundreds of third-worlders?

Tennesseans urging US Senators to block possible border surge to Tennessee

Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheet

Of course the lion’s share of our readers come from the US, but here are the top ten countries from which readers came to RRW in the past seven days (although there were about another 140 countries on the list).  In descending order:

United Kingdom



Hong Kong

South Africa






It is only July 25th, but already this month we have broken all records for readership and we are recording the largest number of  readers here in our seven-year history.

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And apologies to all who e-mail and comment, sorry if I don’t respond much, there are just not enough hours in my day!

P.S. to critics:  This is a charitable enterprise on my part, let’s just call it an ‘act of love’ to spend hours every day informing average taxpaying American citizens about the migrant tide (much of it LEGAL) flooding our towns and cities through a morass of government programs dressed up to look like ‘religious charity.’

You have a right to know what they plan for your community!


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