Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society wants “Local Anti-Refugee Leaders” investigated by SPLC

….And, then what?

This is not hot news just off the presses, but is buried in recommendations in a report that the J.M. Kaplan Fund and Suzette Brooks Masters commissioned with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and published in February 2013.

HIAS is one of the top nine federal refugee resettlement contractors.***  See we want more money from Congress now too!  (Just like the Catholics want more money!)

We first mentioned the report on how to counter the local backlash here just ten days ago.

Let me say at the outset!  This is classic Saul Alinsky/hard left stuff on the part of HIAS and Suzette Brooks Masters and so it makes me laugh!  If you are a “local anti-refugee leader” you should be proud to be identified by them, because it means you are getting under their skin and disrupting their plans to bring more leftwing voters and more Muslims to America!

Suzette Brooks Masters and to her right is Garrett Johnson who was Senator Lugar’s staff person who helped investigate problems in Indiana in advance of the critical GAO report in 2012. http://www.wmassjewishledger.com/2011/04/19/marmor-shares-refugee-expertise-on-panel/

Frankly, I’ve been bummed to not yet have been added to the Southern Poverty Law Center‘s hate groups list!  (See Southern Poverty Law Center stands up for Hamas!).

Plea to SPLC, please add me to your list of hate “groups.”  I would be honored!

One of the funniest things I ever read was Daniel Greenfield writing about how he and his cat became a SPLC designated hate group.  Read it and laugh!   Hey, I have a cat too!


My first response on finding out that I was now a hate group was to look around to see where everyone else was. A hate group needs the “group” part, and one man and a cat don’t seem to be enough. Even when the cat is a well known bigot who hates mice, birds, car alarms that go off in the middle of the night, the plumber and sudden noises.


But, I digress…..

Yippee! In Resettlement at Risk: Meeting Emerging Challenges to Refugee Resettlement in Local Communities, RRW does get a mention on page 10:

Online forums such as Refugee Resettlement Watch have emerged for individuals critical of the resettlement program to share their concerns. Many of the posts express disdain for the refugee resettlement program, particularly the resettlement of Muslim refugees, along with anti-Muslim views.

Their footnotes lead readers to this post we wrote in 2012 about Congressman Keith Ellison being their go-to guy in Congress!

Check out the report especially if you are in one of the three states with pockets of resistance identified by HIAS at that time (there are more now!)—Tennessee, New Hampshire and Georgia.

Now to the recommendations and especially the one suggesting that if you have problems with changing America forever by importing tens of thousands of third-worlders every year and more Muslims, you should be identified, investigated and then what?

Page 16: Recommendations

 Adopting the following recommendations would help counter the refugee backlash and keep communities open and welcoming to refugee resettlement:

Read all of them, but note this one:

Conduct Research on Local Anti-Refugee Leaders: The national refugee agencies should partner
with groups such as Center for New Community and Southern Poverty Law Center to learn more
about individuals and groups leading local efforts to resist resettlement, to determine if they belong to organized anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim organizations or networks.

And, so what if we do?  You people belong to organized networks!  This is America.  You know that old-fashioned notion about freedom of association, it still exists!

Why do these Jewish groups want more Muslim immigration to America?

One of the great mysteries of our times is how the Jewish leaders of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the J.M Kaplan Fund don’t get it—frankly, a large percentage of the world’s Muslims want them dead and facilitating Muslim migration to America is not going to make that Islamic imperative go away.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is also a Jewish-run organization.

Are they that naive?

About the photo:  It is interesting that HIAS apparently invited a staffer in the now former Senator Lugar’s office who did some of the research on the program in Indiana that resulted in a damning GAO report on the refugee resettlement program.  Were they, at this 2011 event, trying to convince him to move along—nothing to see?

***The contractors



Unaccompanied alien teenagers could be sent to Michigan; Republican governor not saying No!

US Rep Miller: Send them back and redirect foreign aid to Detroit! Wow!!! Now there is a commonsense proposal! http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2014/06/congresswoman_suggests_redirec.html

Update July 6th:  Looks like Michigan will get those teenaged illegal alien boys after all, here.

The Governor could object, but typical pol is sidestepping the issue!

Michigan is on the map!

From the Detroit News (hat tip: Joanne):

The Snyder administration and a member of Congress from Macomb County are calling on the federal government to solve the crisis of tens of thousands of undocumented children entering the U.S.

But the two differ on what should be done with the refugees who make it into the country, some of whom could end up at a private facility in the Thumb-area community of Vassar.

The governor’s office is not involved in deciding whether children might end up being housed at a Wolverine Human Services facility in the community southeast of Saginaw, Dave Murray, a spokesman for Gov. Rick Snyder, said Thursday. The detainees are paid for and cared for by the federal government, he said.

“We all want to help people. We are a welcoming state,” Murray said. However, “this really is a federal government matter.”

The office of refugee resettlement through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is handling the refugee issue and is seeking facilities across the country that have empty, available beds, Derrick McCree, a senior vice president of Wolverine Human Services of Grosse Pointe Park, said this week.

One of Snyder’s initiatives is to welcome more skilled, legal immigrants to Michigan with the expectation they will help the state’s sluggish economy by establishing businesses and creating jobs.  [The kids aren’t skilled, remember this about the Governor’s plan for immigration to Michigan!—ed]

The Republican governor has called for immigration reform, Murray said, adding the situation of undocumented children certainly needs to be addressed.

U.S. Rep. Candice Miller, R-Harrison Township, on Friday said the federal government immediately should return those who recently arrived in the U.S. illegally to the country from where they came.

“It is imperative that the people being apprehended at the border not be released from custody because if they are, it is very unlikely they will ever return for immigration hearings on their status, and they will disappear into society,” Miller said.

Click here for all of our previous coverage of the ‘unaccompanied minors’ invasion.

Go here for contact information and ask your state refugee coordinator if your state is being targeted for a refugee camp!

Catholic Charities full-throated cry for more of your money!

Wahhhhh!   The Office of Refugee Resettlement has told the refugee contractors*** that their funds for the normal refugee flow will be cut by $94 million immediately if Congress doesn’t pass an emergency out lay of $200 million for the ‘unaccompanied alien children’ this week.   (BTW, the Catholic Bishops call the illegal aliens, “refugees,” here.)

Obama asked for $2 billion for the kids!   (Thanks to a reader for correcting my math!!!).

Bishop Elizondo leading a pack of priests on the border: they are all refugees now! http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/04/01/catholic-leaders-push-immigration-reform/7164359/

The irony, of Catholic Charities now crying for more money because the “children” the Catholic Church helped encourage to invade America (yes, you know Catholic groups are the “religious organizations” referred to here) are now gobbling up all the funds they need to run their offices, is funny if it weren’t so likely that Congress will just bow down and give Obama and the Catholic contractors the money (your money!).

Just a reminder: 98% of the Catholic Bishops refugee and migration money comes from the federal government.

Incidentally, there is nothing to stop them from appealing for PRIVATE CHRISTIAN CHARITY and thereby keeping their greedy hands out of Caesar’s pockets!

You can bet action alerts have gone out from the major contractors*** to their 350 subcontractors to send out appeals like this one Joanne saw from Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge:

On this July 4 weekend, tens of thousands of refugees given permission to enter our country and share our freedoms are threatened with having critical support services suspended, becoming collateral damage of the crisis of unaccompanied immigrant minors arriving at our border.

On June 20, the US Office of Refugee Resettlement announced plans to shift $94 million away from services for screened and approved refugees in order to aid unaccompanied immigrant children arriving at the US border. Those cuts will take place on July 5, if Congress permits. These cuts will reduce refugee services in job placement and training, English lessons, interpretative services, transportation, and access to health services.

Congress must both honor our nation’s commitments to approved refugees – many of whom have helped our troops overseas — and make an emergency supplemental appropriation of $200M to address the UIC humanitarian crisis before July 5th to adequately address their needs and prevent refugee funding from being gutted. Both are crises impacting some of the most vulnerable children and families on our planet.

They say to tell Congress this:

Congress must make an emergency supplemental appropriation of $200M to address the UIC humanitarian crisis before July 5th to adequately address their needs and prevent refugee funding from being gutted. 

Congress isn’t in session today, July 5th.

Why don’t you tell Congress on Monday to stop the flow of refugees to America for the remainder of the fiscal year and maybe next year too, until all the “children” the church has encouraged to come here have been returned to their countries?

Not enough money, then don’t bring more refugees!  It is that simple!

***The contractors