Catholic Bishops milk taxpayers while pushing amnesty! Are the big guns in conservative talk-radio starting to get it?

Tonight fellow blogger Richard Falknor alerted me to this tweet at Laura Ingraham’s twitter feed:

Context for Catholic Bishops’ Amnesty Support: “Fed grants make up 93% of USCCB’s migration/refugee budget

The link sends followers to a story about how much the US Catholic Bishops receive from the US taxpayer citing their 2011 annual report.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services has published its 2011 annual report.

According to the report, over 92.5% of Migration and Refugee Services’ $72.1 million budget came from federal grants and contracts, while under $25,000 came from private donations.

Let’s have a look at their 2012 annual report, it gets worse!   We have mentioned this umpteen zillion times, but now maybe people are ready to focus especially since the Bishops are federal contractors caring for the illegal alien “children” besides their regular allotment of refugees from the third world.

Page 13:


Federal Grants/Contracts           $65,911,344  (taxpayer money)

CRS Collection                            $ 1,369,807

Refugee Travel Loan Fees            $ 3,622,886   (this is taxpayer $ too, feds loaned it and USCCB keeps some)

Investment Income and                 $65,719
Private Grants/Donations

Other                                              $5,481

Total Revenue                               $70,975,237


So, that’s about 98% of their funds for 2012 that came from you!  That is not what I call Christian charity!

And, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform (S.744) because if passed and signed into law it would bring them more paying “clients” and more federal grants and contracts.

The USCCB is the largest of the nine major federal contractors.

***The contractors

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