Catholic Bishops milk taxpayers while pushing amnesty! Are the big guns in conservative talk-radio starting to get it?

Tonight fellow blogger Richard Falknor alerted me to this tweet at Laura Ingraham’s twitter feed:

Context for Catholic Bishops’ Amnesty Support: “Fed grants make up 93% of USCCB’s migration/refugee budget

The link sends followers to a story about how much the US Catholic Bishops receive from the US taxpayer citing their 2011 annual report.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services has published its 2011 annual report.

According to the report, over 92.5% of Migration and Refugee Services’ $72.1 million budget came from federal grants and contracts, while under $25,000 came from private donations.

Let’s have a look at their 2012 annual report, it gets worse!   We have mentioned this umpteen zillion times, but now maybe people are ready to focus especially since the Bishops are federal contractors caring for the illegal alien “children” besides their regular allotment of refugees from the third world.

Page 13:


Federal Grants/Contracts           $65,911,344  (taxpayer money)

CRS Collection                            $ 1,369,807

Refugee Travel Loan Fees            $ 3,622,886   (this is taxpayer $ too, feds loaned it and USCCB keeps some)

Investment Income and                 $65,719
Private Grants/Donations

Other                                              $5,481

Total Revenue                               $70,975,237


So, that’s about 98% of their funds for 2012 that came from you!  That is not what I call Christian charity!

And, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform (S.744) because if passed and signed into law it would bring them more paying “clients” and more federal grants and contracts.

The USCCB is the largest of the nine major federal contractors.

***The contractors

Boston: Somali former refugee charged with rape (possibly more than one)

Just for a little change of pace tonight from the ever-expanding crisis on the border, ho-hum we will return to our never-ending Somali crime stories.  This time from Boston last week….

Somali Said Said facing rape charges in Massachusetts. Photo: Boston Globe

From the Boston Herald (Hat tip: crime sleuth ‘pungentpeppers’):

A second reported rape in the Seaport District by a livery driver in less than a year has the city’s taxi union and a South Boston state representative demanding a crackdown before another young woman is attacked in the trendy nightspot.

“This is a real public safety issue, particularly for women in my district,” said Southie state Rep. Nick Collins. “It’s something that we have to resolve and I’ll be looking to work with the city to come up with some new legislation.”

Said Said, 40, of 97 Doane­ St., Quincy, was ordered held on $35,000 cash bail yesterday at his arraignment in South Boston District Court after pleading innocent to charges of aggravated rape, unarmed robbery and receiving stolen property.

Police allege that at midnight Sunday, Said, who is of Somali descent, picked up a woman in a livery mini­van outside Legal Harborside restaurant on Northern Avenue and took her to a deserted South Boston location, where he raped her and stole her cellphone, cash and credit cards before dropping her off on State Street.

 He used the victim’s credit card.  Pretty dumb wouldn’t you say!

Police said they were able to track down Said after he was reportedly caught on surveillance camera using the alleged victim’s credit card to make a purchase at a Walgreens Pharmacy in Quincy.

The victim identified Said in a photo array set up by Boston police,­ according to court documents.

Attack is similar to one that occurred last summer:

Sunday’s alleged assault was eerily similar to an attack that occurred Aug. 6, 2013, when a woman told police she flagged down a livery sedan in South Boston thinking it was a taxi and was instead driven to a secluded area in Newton, where she was raped and assaulted by the driver.

The Boston Globe has more, here.

Using this opportunity to educate all of the new readers the ‘unaccompanied children’ are bringing to RRW, see this important testimony to the US State Department by a former refugee resettlement worker in Boston.

Centers for Disease Control activates emergency plan in response to “unaccompanied minors” invasion

Hundreds of migrants on US border found with scabies. This story is from April. Imagine what it is now!


The latest story is at InfoWars yesterday (hat tip: Drudge):

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is responding to the public health crisis spurred by the recent surge of illegal immigrants by activating an emergency facility designed to monitor and coordinate “emergency response activities to public health threats,” the agency admitted to Infowars Tuesday.

In a taped phone call, a CDC information hotline representative confirmed that, unbeknownst to the American public, the agency has activated their intelligence arm, the Emergency Operation Center, to deal with various diseases accompanying the surge of illegal aliens currently staging a virtually uncontested U.S. invasion.

“In response to this influx of unaccompanied alien children, CDC’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) has been activated,” the CDC rep stated, likely reading from a script. “Through this activation the EOC will work closely with the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine. CDC staff will consult on health issues and the UAC’s countries of origin, consult on shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene and provide staff for public health support.”

Read it all.   See the hundreds of comments too.

Thanks to everyone who sent us the story from earlier this week at The Blaze (medical staff threatened, told to keep silent about health crisis).

“When they found out the kids had scabies, the charge nurse was adamant — ‘Don’t mention that. Don’t say scabies,’” a nurse told Starnes. “But everybody knew they had scabies. Some of the workers were very concerned about touching things and picking things up. They asked if they should be concerned, but they were told don’t worry about it.

See our Health Issues category for a catalog of all the health (both mental and physical) problems (Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs as well) refugees and other migrants bring to America.  As we have often commented, forget terrorism or the social costs, it will be the threat of one’s children contracting some awful contagious disease that will wake up the generally tuned-out public to the immigration apocalypse we are now facing.

See all of our posts on ‘unaccompanied minors’ (mostly teenaged boys), here.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson found CA demonstrations against illegal alien buses “very disturbing”

But, the feds are still (more secretively) sending them into California.

Reuters has the story (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

I wonder what it will feel like to go down in history, along with his boss, among America’s greatest traitors. Photo:

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, in an interview with MSNBC, said he found television images of that demonstration “very disturbing” to watch.

I found the section of the article entitled, ‘Send Washington a bill’ most provocative.  The citizens of Murietta, CA continued their protest at a meeting last evening.

I have this wonderful image of instead of sending Washington a bill, how about sending Washington, DC the tens of thousands of illegal alien “refugee” teenagers—I would be along the route cheering the buses onward to the White House! (By the way, where does Jeh Johnson live?)

Here is more of what Reuters reported.

‘SEND WASHINGTON A BILL’   [Heck! Send Washington the illegal aliens!—ed]

Immigration officials said most of the families headed for California were likely to be released under limited supervision to await deportation. [What a joke! They will never be deported!—ed] Many would to be placed with relatives or friends or in temporary housing provided by charity groups [Charity groups which you are paying with your tax dollars—ed].

On Wednesday, border protection officials confirmed that a separate group of undocumented migrant families with children were sent to a processing center in El Centro, California, a desert community about 100 miles (160 km) east of San Diego.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency spokeswoman Virginia Kice said authorities were being especially careful to avoid disclosing the whereabouts of the detainees “so that mobs can’t go down and root out those people”.

At the town hall meeting in Murrieta, Mayor Alan Long told the angry throng that he had been advised by U.S. officials to expect another group of about 140 immigrants every three days for several weeks.

He blamed federal officials for the influx, saying that he intended to “send Washington a big fat bill” for expenses.

Residents filled the meeting hall to capacity and spilled out into a parking lot, carrying signs with slogans like “Illegals today, Jihadists with Nukes tomorrow!!”.

***Update*** Read about Murietta’s Patriot Nurse, here, thanks to Cathy for spotting it!

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Kentucky: Could the invasion on the border result in fewer refugees admitted to US?

Update July 4th:  They are crying for more money in Arizona now too! (Hat tip: Joanne).  Too many ‘unaccompanied minors’ siphoning off money for other refugees.  Someone commented to me yesterday, that the open borders pushers (including the Catholic Bishops!) may have over-played their hand this time.

That (fewer refugees) is what a spokesman for Kentucky Refugee Ministries told WFPL News in Louisville earlier this week (Influx of Young Refugees Pinches Kentucky Refugee Services’ Budget).

Or, more likely this is the opening salvo in a lobbying campaign in Congress (by the contractors) to get more of your taxpayer dollars to keep the thousands of Iraqis, Burmese, and Somalis, etc. flowing to middle America.   Thanks to all who sent this article.

Muslim refugee Mustafa allegedly embezzled money from Kentucky Refugee Ministries—is this what they mean by balancing the city?

WFPL News:

An increase of undocumented children coming into America is expected to reduce the funding for services available to displaced people living in Kentucky and across the U.S.

Kentucky Office for Refugees officials expect to see a $2.28 million cut in federal funding to provide refugees in Kentucky with services such as English language learning, career development and housing placement.

The reduction in funding stems from an influx of children coming to the U.S. to escape violence and economic struggle in Central America, refugee services officials said. To better serve these children, the Office for Refugee Resettlement is transferring nearly $94 million to the Unaccompanied Alien Children program. The $2.28 million Kentucky officials expect to lose is a part of the $94 million transfer.

Because of the cuts, thousands of newly arrived refugees would receive a limited amount of these services that aid in creating a seamless transfer to life in America, according to a statement released by Catholic Charities of Louisville.

There is nothing to stop these contractors from RAISING PRIVATE MONEY to do their supposedly charitable work!  They could ask their parishioners for money and hold bake sales!

When the original 1980 Refugee Act was pushed through Congress by Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden and signed into law by Jimmy Carter, there was no discussion of making these ‘religious’ charities quasi-government agencies as they have now become with the majority of their funding coming from you—the US taxpayers.

WFPL continued:

But if the cuts create such a problem that services cannot be provided, a smaller number of refugees may be brought to the United States, Koehlinger [Director of Kentucky Refugee Ministries] added.


More than 2,100 refugees relocated to Louisville in the 2013 fiscal year, according to data provided by Catholic Charities of Louisville. In 2014, the number is expected to remain about the same.


Koehlinger said the strong refugee population in Louisville is vital for a productive, balanced metropolitan area.

What the heck is a “balanced” metropolitan area?  Is that like in Rochester where resettlement contractors dropped off the docile Bhutanese into an African American neighborhood (see our post yesterday on the consequences for the refugees when the do-gooders do their multi-culty mixing experiments)?

See our extensive archive on Kentucky ( here).  They have had some humdinger problems with refugees there.  Mustafa was just the latest most visible problem!  (BTW, he took down his facebook photo and other juicy tidbits about where he has been for the last number of years right after we published the information).

One last thing!  Don’t cry for the contractors, most have largely been responsible for encouraging the invasion of the border because they are being paid to take care of the “children” too!

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