Catholic Bishops’ report months ago: we lobby for ‘unaccompanied minors’

Kevin Appleby, USCCB lobbyist and author of the 2013 report predicting the invasion from Central America. Did the Bishops “mission” help make it happen?

Last night when I wrote about Laura Ingraham’s tweet, here, about the fact that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration and Refugee Services program is 98% funded by you (the taxpayer), I should have linked this post that I wrote back in February.

See the whole thing but note what the Bishops said in their November 2013 Report on their “mission” to Central America:

At the national level, the USCCB department of Migration and Refugee Services lobbies to improve options and services for undocumented minors, and oversees a country-wide network of mostly Church-affiliated agencies that administer foster care programs.

With their trip to Central America and the follow-up report one wonders if the Bishops were prescient in predicting 60,000 invaders or were they helping to make it happen?

The Bishops last week called the illegal alien teens “refugees,” here.  Indeed the Bishops and the other eight contractors are paid by the head to care for refugees.

One commenter asked last night—when did they become paid functionaries of the government?

For our many new readers, all of our posts on ‘unaccompanied minors’ are here.



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