Rochester, NY: Bhutanese refugees fear violence from African Americans

The US State Department, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) and whichever resettlement contractor they used in Rochester, NY to resettle these Bhutanese (Nepalese) are a bunch of nincompoops!

They must think that if they plunk down some new minority into an African American neighborhood that all of those people of different colors will somehow sympathize with each other and magically melt into a sort of blissful multicultural co-existence.

From the Democrat and Chronicle:

Locked inside their house in northwest Rochester, the Nepalese family felt under siege.

Outside, a crowd of young men — 20 to 25 in number — broke windows to the home and threatened to storm inside, according to members of the family. Moments before, several young men had followed and jumped a Nepalese teen. That scuffle then escalated into the menacing gang.

It wasn’t until the police came that the crowd scattered. This incident, in daylight hours Thursday, is another in a growing list of attacks against South Asian refugee families who have been settled in areas of northwest Rochester near Jones Square.


As law enforcement officials decide how to curb the intimidation and violence, the refugees themselves say they feel ignored and left to fend for themselves.


Many of the refugees are hesitant to talk to police, and, when they do, they have not been able to provide much information about their attackers. Typically, the offenders have been young African-American men, creating a volatile situation in which the refugees feel at risk in the very neighborhoods where they have been resettled.

Think that’s bad, just wait until potentially thousands of Central American teenage “refugee” boys arrive in upstate New York (resettled there by some of the same nincompoops!). 

They couldn’t create more chaos and strife if they tried (or, scary thought, maybe they are trying?).

For new readers (and we have many lately), here is just one post with a little history (Bush legacy also) about how we have resettled 75,000 Bhutanese/Nepalese in the last 6 years or so.

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