Greece threatens EU: will unleash detained migrants and jihadists on Europe…

….if the EU and the International Monetery Fund leave Greece hanging!

This would be very interesting to see.  The ‘Invasion of Europe’ would surely be on steroids if the Greeks follow through with the threat!

Kammenos, the Greek defence minister: We will send thousands of migrants and jihadists to Berlin!


Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, and Malta are all on the frontiers of the European Union and experiencing the brunt of the invasion by mostly economic migrants from the Middle East and Africa.  Their economies can only stand so much!

From The Telegraph:

Greece will unleash a “wave of millions of economic migrants” and jihadists on Europe unless the eurozone backs down on austerity demands, the country’s defence and foreign ministers have threatened.

The threat comes as Greece struggles to convince the eurozone and International Monetery Fund to continue payments on a £172billion bailout of Greek finances.

Without the funding, Greece will go bust later this month forcing the recession-ravaged and highly indebted country out of the EU’s single currency.

Greece’s border with Turkey is the EU’s frontline against illegal immigration and European measures to stop extremists travelling to and from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) bases in Syria and Iraq.

Panos Kammenos, the Greek defence minister, warned that if the eurozone allowed Greece to go bust it would give EU travel papers to illegal immigrants crossing its borders or to the 10,000 currently held in detention centres.

“If they deal a blow to Greece, then they should know the the migrants will get papers to go to Berlin,” he said.

Why not!  Germany loves its mostly Muslim ‘refugees.’

US Conference of Catholic Bishops wants US to do more for Syrian refugees; mum on how many to resettle

A delegation of Catholic leaders and one of their chief Washington ‘advocates’ (Anastasia Brown) traveled to Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey recently and concluded that we need to send the UN more money for ‘refugees’ in those countries and resettle more here.

For new readers, the USCCB is the largest of the nine resettlement contractors*** planting seedlings (aka New Americans) (Obama Administration lingo, not mine!) in your towns and cities.

98% of the Bishops migration program is funded by you, the US taxpayer.  Did you pay for their trip to Europe?  You must have because I doubt very much that they passed a plate in your parishes for their travel money!

That is Bishop Elizondo leading a pack of priests at the US border in April 2014. Were they inviting the ‘unaccompanied alien children’ to come on in?

Missing from the press accounts and their report (under the auspices of Bishop Most Reverend Eusebio Elizondo, chairman of the USCCB)  is any criticism of the Obama Administration for moving slowly on Syrians.  The USCCB and the other refugee contractors beat Bush up every month for over a year when he wasn’t moving fast enough to bring in Iraqis back in 2006 and 2007.

Bishop Elizondo testified to Congress a year ago: 15,000 Syrians now!

Also missing (or at least I didn’t see it), is any mention of the fact that the Bishops testified in Congress in January 2014 that they wanted the US to bring in 15,000 Syrians a year.

Here is a report on Bishop Elizondo’s testimony to Congress a year ago at Catholic Culture:

Noting that the number of Syrian refugees has risen from 550,000 in October 2012 to 2.3 million today, the chairman of the United Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration urged the Congress to increase aid to Syrian refugees, permit 15,000 Syrian refugees to enter the country, and to encourage other nations to welcome refugees as well.

Here is a press account at Independent Catholic News about the recent trip and report:

The Syrian refugee crisis – now totaling nearly four million refugees- has reached a “tipping point,” in which countries in the region are no longer able to handle the flow of refugees across their borders, warns US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) officials who recently traveled to the Middle East.

“Without more international support, we will find Syrians fleeing extremists being turned away and forced back to danger,” said Anastasia Brown, interim executive director for USCCB’s Migration and Refugee Services (MRS).

“The global community, led by Europe and the United States, needs to increase its support in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis.” A delegation of USCCB officials which visited the region in late 2014, released their report March 6. Entitled “Refuge and Hope in the Time of ISIS: The Urgent need for Protection, Humanitarian Support, and Durable Solutions in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece,” the report looks at the plight of Syrians in the three countries, a growing trek for Syrians attempting to reach Europe.


The delegation’s report lists several recommendations to address the crisis, including increased refugee assistance and resettlement.

By the way, they also say we need to help those three countries—Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece—with their overload of so-called ‘refugees’ (really most are economic migrants) from other countries who have arrived as illegal aliens to those three already besieged countries.

The report recommends that the US and the EU resettle more Syrians and other refugees (from those three countries) including Iraqis, Afghans, Congolese, Somalis, Eritreans, Sudanese and others, but falls short of saying how many.

Readers remember that the number of Syrians entering the US will be falling way short of the 15,000 the Bishops had been dreaming of when the FBI testified to Congress recently that there is no way to properly screen the Syrians for security concerns.

And, don’t miss ‘Bishops between a rock and a hard place’ here.  When you take Caesar’s money, Caesar owns you!

*** The federal resettlement contractors (almost completely funded by US taxpayers) looking for new resettlement sites.  And, it wasn’t just the Bishops asking for over 10,000 Syrians a year to be admitted to the US, several other testified in Congress for more Syrians, here.