Megyn Kelly and Gov. Bobby Jindal go toe-to-toe on Muslim immigration to the US

There is no doubt that the subject of Muslim immigration is now coming front and center in the debate on how much immigration is too much as was demonstrated by the fact that Fox’s star host, Megyn Kelly invited Gov. Bobby Jindal to explain himself on the subject.

No fear! In 2013, radio host Laura Ingraham called for a halt to ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION to America!

Before getting to the exchange, I want to be clear that refugee resettlement is only a portion of US LEGAL immigration that is bringing thousands of Muslims to the US every month, but it has perhaps a disproportionate impact because the refugees’ hands are being held by the resettlement contractors which are guiding them to small cities and towns throughout the country.  Also, the refugees’ start in America is fueled by the federal government (and state governments!) through welfare payments, healthcare, low-income housing and job counseling and training.

In addition to refugee resettlement….

We need to learn more about the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery’s contribution, as well as ‘Temporary Protected Status.’   Also, not to be overlooked are the Investor Visa programs which allow Muslims to enter the country as permanent residents where (as one example) they purchase ‘convenience stores’ (then they set up shop committing food stamp trafficking fraud).

Also, as I said at a meeting last evening, we need a qualified demographer to really nail down the numbers on how many are coming in to the US because, although a country, like Iran, is mostly a Muslim country, our refugees from Iran are mostly NOT Muslims.

And, frankly, there is no way to separate out the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims and the Sharia-loving ones, so there is only one real solution and that is a MORATORIUM on Muslim migration (the Hijra) to America. 


In April of 2013, Laura Ingraham called for a moratorium here, so the words have actually been uttered in public!   Wouldn’t you love to see Laura go toe-to-toe with Megyn!

From George Rasley writing at Conservative HQ:

Louisiana’s principled limited government constitutional conservative Governor Bobby Jindal’s presidential aspirations got a major boost from an appearance on Fox News that many in the establishment panned, but that conservatives took as more evidence that Jindal is the only presidential candidate who understands the war that Islamists have declared on America and the West.

Governor Bobby Jindal, the only leading political figure in America speaking up on Muslim immigration.

Jindal began his exchange with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly defending his remarks that U.S. citizenship rules should be updated to exclude Islamic radicals, such as the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood movement. “It is common sense to say we’re going to prioritize [among immigrants], and if you say you want to be American… we’re going to prioritize you over someone who doesn’t want to be American,” he said at a March 16 event hosted by the American Action Forum.

Under questioning from Kelly Jindal clarified that his comments only referred to “radical Muslims,” like those who “treat women as second-class citizens.”

“Why would I want to allow people who want to kill Americans to come to America?” he said.

Kelly responded that she thought it was “controversial” for the Governor to discriminate against anyone who believes in Islamic Sharia law.

“Who decides how far into Sharia law you have to be?” she asked. “Who decides who’s a radical Islamist and who’s just an Islamist?”

Jindal responded that as long as a person is not causing harm to another person, then they have a right to be in the U.S. They do not have the right, however, to come to the U.S. and impose certain strict beliefs like those regarding women and children, he said.

Jindal was immediately attacked the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) various other Muslim organizations dedicated to “understanding and acceptance” that have well documented* ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – a terrorist organization outlawed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and dedicated to Islamic supremacism, terrorism as a means of achieving political objectives and spreading the misogynistic totalitarian ideology of Sharia.

According to documents seized by law enforcement and submitted as evidence in the largest terrorism finance trial in American history, the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to wage a “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house…”


First, let’s dispense with the notion that there’s a difference between “radical” Islamists and “just an Islamist.” There is no difference, or if there is a difference it is merely one of timing, not objective.


And as long as mass legal (and illegal) immigration from Muslim countries continues unabated we are losing that war.


Read it all.

Endnote:  Short of a moratorium if we could get the Somali, Iraqi and the soon-to-be-opened Syrian pipelines stopped we would be going a long way to staving off the colonization of American towns.

Refugee resettlement contractor wants Obama to raise the FY2015 ceiling on admission of refugees to bring in large number of Syrians

Update March 22nd:  This same Op-Ed is published at the Gulf Times and they have a poll, go there and answer the poll question—should we bring Syrians into the US or not?

This is no surprise to us, the rumblings have been underway for months by others of the nine major US State Department resettlement contractors.  Now comes a Washington Post opinion piece by David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to go above the 70,000 refugees we are in the process of admitting from all over the world. (See Hebrew Immigrant Immigrant Aid Society with the same plea for Obama to open the gates to Syrians.)

Hillary yuks it up with David Miliband in 2009. Hillary: “Well, if you saw him it would be a big crush.”

Doing well by doing good?

For new readers, David Miliband is the former British Foreign Secretary who has moved across the Atlantic to serve as the CEO of the IRC.***  His predecessor pulled down a salary and benefits package of nearly $500,000 to “rescue” poor souls and we expect he didn’t pull up stakes in the UK for less than that.

As we were reminded by the Massachusetts contractor, here just a few days ago, this is a business!   Contractors are paid by the head to resettle refugees in your towns and cities.

Security concerns!

A few weeks ago the FBI testified in Congress that they could not adequately screen the Syrians because there are no records on even who they are.  Of course it begs the question, how did we screen over 100,000 Somalis we have admitted to the US over the last few decades?

Miliband first gives us the guilt trip about how countries in the Middle East are suffering with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and somehow we need to do our share.  Somehow the fact that we send millions of dollars in aid for the refugees isn’t enough.

And, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is helping pressure Obama by placing over 10,000 Syrians in a queue for America.

Past experience tells us that once the pipeline is open for permanent resettlement to the US, it will be open for potentially decades even if the civil war wrapped up tomorrow!

Notice that Miliband never says a word about Christians and other religious minorities.  We know that the vast majority of those in the pipeline are Syrian Muslims from UN camps.

Here is Miliband at the Washington Post giving us three things we must do:

First, in light of the dire situation in Syria, it can raise the 70,000 cap specifically to accommodate Syrian refugees over the next two years.

Second, it can ensure that DHS issues needed guidance on “material support” waivers created in 2014, thus avoiding delays and denials to Syrians who have committed no wrongs. [These same contractors successfully lobbied the Administration to lift the material support for terrorism ban, and apparently DHS has never published any regulations.  Some inside the Administration are evidently trying to protect us!—ed]

Third…The United States can expand resettlement options by establishing, through the refugee program, a family reunification mechanism enabling Syrian Americans to bring extended family to safety more quickly.

On this last point, we already have mechanisms in place to bring LEGITIMATE family members to the US—we call it chain migration!

*** The IRC has the largest budget of the nine contractors.  Approximately 73% comes from you:

International Rescue Committee (secular)
(From 2012 Form 990)

Total revenue: $456,122,865
Govt. grants and contracts (including travel loan income): $332,271,151
Percent taxpayer funded: 73%
Top salary: $485,321