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I’ll be out of the fray until Monday.

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As I leave, if you didn’t see it, please have a look at our post on Syria from earlier in the week.  One of the most important things we can do right now is to support Obama’s FBI which testified before Congress in February that we cannot properly screen Muslim Syrians for entry into the US as refugees.

Nevertheless, the resettlement industry has begun a push to persuade Obama (probably won’t take much persuasion) to raise the ceiling for fiscal year 2015 from 70,000 total refugees to 100,000 so as to bring in large numbers of Syrians!

Please visit the post and see what you can do!

Because we won’t do a weekly round-up this week (where we usually post this information), below is for the many new readers arriving here (thanks to facebook visitors!) who would like to learn how to navigate RRW.

For new readers!

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