St. Cloud professor Luke Tripp is professional agitator on behalf of Somali refugees

Five years ago next month we wrote about Luke Tripp and now we see he is still busy agitating and creating tension in the latest incident in St. Cloud involving a high school and Somalis demonstrating and claiming they are being mistreated in the school system because of their race.

Community organizer Luke Tripp helps stir up trouble in St. Cloud. Photo:

Tripp is doing what Obama did (still does!) what Saul Alinsky taught—stirring up animosity to bring about “change.”

Did you ever wonder how it is that the Somali refugees are so good at creating tension—it is because of people like Luke Tripp mentoring them and keeping them in line.  And, making sure the problems are never their fault for not trying to fit into American communities.  It is always ‘whitey’s’ fault.

But, let’s be clear, some of the tension in Somali overloaded cities is between US-born African Americans and Somalis and Tripp is not telling you that!

Here is what I said about him FIVE YEARS AGO:

Luke Tripp and Mahmoud Mohamed are community agitators.  What is happening in St. Cloud, MN now and for the last few years is a perfect example of Saul Alinsky’s (Rules for Radicals) strategy being put into motion to bring about “change” through creating crisis in communities.  It is no coincidence that one of the most outspoken conservative critics of the king of community organizers (Barack Obama) happens to be the Representative for this Congressional district which includes St. Cloud—Michele Bachmann.   Tripp is a race baiter and he is using the recent Somali unrest to get Michele Bachmann.

An aside:  Readers, especially conservative readers, should study Saul Alinsky.  Much of the reason that we are continually caught off guard by the ‘crisis creates change’ strategy is that we don’t think that way.  We generally think that to solve problems and conflicts one should try very hard to work together in a quiet and dignified way.  Not so for community organizers and union agitators—they must continually create chaos to move the so-called “community” to their far Left view of governance.

Please read it all and see how Tripp inflamed the situation then and is doing it again now!

From St. Cloud Times (‘Institutional Racism Plagues St. Cloud Schools’) where Tripp is making sure that anyone who opposes more Somali resettlement because the city can’t afford it, or because there is simply too great a cultural divide, is a racist.  That is what race baiters do!  Just a few snips:

Somalis are under attack in St. Cloud because of their race, their religion and their immigration/refugee status. With the recent influx of many Somali students, the St. Cloud public schools are facing a clash of cultures.


The Somali community continues to suffer numerous attacks at various levels and in all areas of social life, including schools, stores, workplaces, housing and the media.


The basic issue Somali students and the Somali community are calling attention to is the systemic and continuous failure of the district’s administration and board to seriously address the toxic anti-Somali climate and institutional racism – racial patterns that result from policies, rules and prejudice.

There are administrators and staff members and some board members who still do not seem to grasp the significance of the social transformation of their school system, as demonstrated by the recurring conflicts between Somali and non-Somali students and the high suspension rate of black students.   [Ha! I think they grasp it just fine and don’t want to transform their school system!—ed]


Instead of denying that systemic racial problems exist, the board and administrators must act on the legitimate grievances of the Somali community and develop a strategic plan based on genuine diversity and social justice, and dedicated to systemically advocating, building and maintaining respectful, collaborative and reciprocal relationships.

So, where is Tripp’s op-ed telling the Somalis they must adjust (assimilate!) and build respectful and reciprocal relationships with Americans?

Remember!  Besides Tripp the other big player responsible for conflicts in St. Cloud is Lutheran Social Service head honcho, Jodi Harpstead who brings in the new Somali population each year at the behest of the US State Department/UN.

Maryland alert! Tell new REPUBLICAN Governor Hogan to oppose Obama Amnesty

This is just maddening! 

Maryland Republicans worked hard and were overjoyed to elect a Republican governor last fall and now we see that on immigration the Democrat extreme Leftwing Open Borders crowd, led by Attorney General Brian Frosh, is still running the show in Maryland.

NJ Governor Chris Christie opposes Obama’s unlawful amnesty, so why doesn’t MD Governor Larry Hogan do the same?

Here is Help Save Maryland on what you can do!


In January 2015, before the swearing in for Governor-elect Larry Hogan, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh took it upon himself to set immigration policy for the new Hogan Administration.

Acting alone, AG Frosh signed on to an amicus curiae or “friend of the court” brief with 11 other states in support of President Obama’s controversial executive amnesty for illegal aliens. This questionable brief was submitted in opposition to the formal legal challenge filed by the State of Texas and 25 other states which argued that the President’s unconstitutional amnesty would be a financial burden on the states.


Please sign the Help Save Maryland Petition. Tell Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to:

~Immediately withdraw the State of Maryland from the “friend of the court” briefs signed by Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh. Maryland citizens are tired of paying for illegal aliens in our communities.

~Put our state on record with the federal courts and the American People that the law-abiding citizens of Maryland refuse to support President Obama’s Executive Amnesty.

~Order Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh to cease and desist from providing any further verbal or written support for the unconstitutional Executive Amnesty being promoted by the White House.

Go here to sign the petition.

Then send this around to everyone you know in Maryland!

Endnote:  If you think this has nothing to do with refugees, you are wrong!  If Obama’s illegal amnesty is fulfilled the refugee resettlement contractors we tell you about all the time, will be granted even more of your tax dollars to get the newly amnestied signed up for their “services,” and eventually signed up to vote (they are already receiving government grants to rush legal permanent residents through the citizenship process).

Spartanburg, SC update: Citizens want resettlement agency/feds to present a plan to the community for public review and discussion

Update and correction:  Pastor Chris Pollard has asked us to make it clear to our readers that his organization, Come Closer Spartanburg, has not asked for nor received any federal funding for resettlement of refugees in Spartanburg.  We are glad to report that his group’s Christian charity comes from their members and not the federal treasury. I wish we could say the same of World Relief.  Here is his statement to us:

Please note that our partnership network, our individual churches, nor myself, have ever been approached about being used as a funnel for money from the federal government for refugee resettlement.  We have not asked for, nor have we received any money. That statement is without basis and inaccurate.  

Our recent post on an announcement that federal refugee resettlement contractor World Relief (National Assoc. of Evangelicals) plans to begin resettling third world refugees (they mention Syrians, Congolese and Bhutanese) in Spartanburg, South Carolina very soon, was one of the top-read posts of all time here at RRW.

Chris Pollard (right) the founder of Come Closer Spartanburg. So why isn’t it enough to minister to, and care for, the American impoverished people already living in Spartanburg? Is it because the refugees bring federal dollars with them? What was it Christ said about Caesar’s money? Photo at twitter:

The local organization that US State Department contractor World Relief  has chosen to funnel funds to is ‘Come Closer Spartanburg’ organized by Pastor Chris Pollard.   According to ‘Come Closer’s’ website the Pastor Jason Lee, who will be employed by World Relief/US State Department to run the resettlement in Spartanburg, recently received training at World Relief headquarters in Baltimore, MD.

Jason will be traveling to World Relief Home Office in Baltimore, Maryland, for orientation and training during the month of March.

By the way, we learned that the plan for “seeding” refugees in Spartanburg had been in the works for some time before the citizens of the small city were ever informed.

The federal contractor (one of nine major contractors), World Relief, is approximately 68% taxpayer funded (2012 Form 990) as we reported here.  That is not as awful as some of the others that are 98-99% funded by you, but nevertheless, little of their “Christian charitable” work with refugees comes from private charity. They are virtually an arm of the federal government!  

They couldn’t exist at all without the massive infusion of federal dollars (approaching $39 million for World Relief in 2012).

Every new town or city faced with a proposal to become a refugee resettlement site, please pay attention. 

You must insist, as citizens in Spartanburg are doing, that the federal government, its contractors and subcontractors prepare a comprehensive impact statement for your town as Ms. Jeffrey does yesterday at the Herald-Journal.

If they can’t sell the plan to the community with all the facts in plain view, then the resettlement plan isn’t one your town or city should accept.

Christina Jeffrey (emphasis is mine):

Recently, I was surprised to learn that there is a “Spartanburg faith group to help refugees resettle here,” (Herald-Journal, March 9 edition). Apparently an invitation was given a year ago to a refugee contractor, World Relief, to set up an office in Spartanburg and begin receiving refugees.

According to Herald-Journal staff writer Kim Kimzey’s article, a community group called Come Closer Spartanburg issued the invitation to World Relief. On its website, Come Closer Spartanburg describes the city of Spartanburg as “home to what has been identified as the fifth most dangerous neighborhood in the United States. We have extremely high rates of unemployment, poverty and domestic violence. Overall, we were recently listed as the fourth most ‘miserable’ city to live in our country. It does not take long to realize that we are a city in need of transformation.”

Christina Jeffrey: Federal contractor must prepare impact statement before resettlement of refugees.

The group must believe that bringing refugees here will help transform what in its opinion is a poor, benighted city. But the question has to be asked: How can we be assured that this transformation will make Spartanburg safer? I, too, am concerned about safety in Spartanburg and somewhat alarmed by some of the statistics we’ve seen in recent years about crime in our area.

I looked into the issue of refugees and how they are being vetted. Refugees are identified by an agency of the United Nations, and the State Department has agreed to take 9,000 this year (with 500 already here) from Syria alone. The United Nations expects the number of refugees fleeing the violence in Syria to reach 4.27 million by December, and these refugees are now the largest group under the U.N. refugee agency’s mandate. Recently, Michael Steinbach, assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, told the House Homeland Security Committee that there is no way to properly vet these refugees from Syria.

On March 16, I attended the South Carolina National Security Conference in Columbia. At the conference, there was a great deal of discussion about the refugee resettlement program and the problems it is causing for American communities.

Apparently contractors are well paid by the State Department to settle refugees, but after six months the newcomers are often on their own. If they settle here, the residents and taxpayers of Spartanburg County may be on their own to figure out how to help them, because by then World Relief may be taking care of a new crop of refugees.

Looking at other U.S. cities with new refugee communities, it appears that contractors often keep sending refugees to the same place until there is a community within a community. Unassimilated communities have created problems in Europe, and we are beginning to have similar problems here in the United States (witness Milwaukee, Wis., and Lewiston, Maine).  [Minneapolis and St. Cloud, MN are really feeling the strain with an onslaught of Somali refugees.  And remember!  No matter what the contractor promises, your community is NOT GOING TO CHOOSE THE ETHNIC GROUPS YOU WILL GET!—Ed]

If our county is going to sponsor refugees, then the director of the new World Relief settlement office in Spartanburg, Come Closer Spartanburg and anyone or any group behind this project should work together on a plan for resettling any refugess they are expecting to bring here.

It is only fair to the refugees as well as the people of Spartanburg to have a detailed plan for the settlement and to provide impact statements for us. Impact statements should include plans for housing, transportation, county schools, employment, health care, skills training, social services, public safety, etc.

When World Relief and its allies have their master settlement plan (and impact statements) ready for public inspection, it would be appropriate for the City Council and County Council, along with our legislative delegation, to call a meeting to present this information to the people of Spartanburg and allow us to ask questions and learn more about how the plan will affect us, our families and our communities.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Be sure to see our first post on Spartanburg, with updates, here.   And, if you are getting wind of your town being targeted, please see ‘Ten things your town needs to know,’ here.