Whoop-de-doo! Pope Francis is going to take 2 refugee families to live at the Vatican

The nerve of this man!  The Vatican is 109 acres and he himself invited the migrants to Europe in 2013 when he took his pope mobile (it must have been transported at great expense!) to the sandy beach of the Italian island of Lampedusa and admonished the Italian people to be more welcoming while saying mass for the migrants arriving illegally from Libya and other parts of the Muslim world.  He helped bring about this crisis!
So now, he is ‘welcoming’ two whole families to set an example for the peons of Europe!  I am speechless!
Let’s at least hope he shelters persecuted Christians!  Will he choose by lottery?  Will they be screened for security? (Do you remember back in April a terror plot was foiled when 18 terrorists posed as ‘refugees’ and planned to attack the Vatican.)
Hey, maybe we can spread a rumor and direct some of the masses of marching migrants to his gates in Rome.  It would be a kind of reenactment.

And, will the Pope call on US Bishops to set an example?  

See some of the homes of US Bishops, here.  How many families will they each invite to live in their mansions?

Illinois is a leading state for Syrian (Muslim) refugee resettlement

This is a longish article at the Chicago Tribune that anyone concerned with Illinois should have a look at.  Any ‘pockets of resistance’ in Illinois?

Bill Frelick of Human Rights Watch says Syrian Muslims figure low on the list of asylum seekers. Has he ever looked at the stats? Or is he helping promote a victim narrative for the Leftwing media?  https://www.hrw.org/about/people/bill-frelick

But, this whining bit (below) jumped out at me and I want to bring it to your attention.
The article implies that Syrian Muslims are not getting into the US in the refugee stream, but that just isn’t true.  In 2015, 97% of the Syrians arriving in the US through the State Department’s Refugee Admissions Program are Muslims (the vast majority are Sunnis) coming from UN camps.
We know this from the US State Department’s own Refugee Processing Center data base (if you don’t believe me, see for yourself) where the State Department tracks nationality and religion!
Last week we reported, here in that same post, that Illinois had the 4th highest number of Syrians resettled so far.
Here is a snip below from the Chicago Tribune story. Is Frelick ignorant or purposefully being deceptive and why don’t reporters at these big papers try to find out the truth—that we are bringing mostly Muslim Syrians and NOT the Christians.
Incidentally, we wouldn’t have such a difficult time screening Christians, would we?

But Syrian Muslims figure low on the list of asylum-seekers designated as being of “special humanitarian concern” when U.S. politicians consider applicants from among the world’s 60 million refugees because of fears that would-be terrorists from Islamic State, also known as ISIS, occupying much of northeastern Syria, might slip in among those trying to escape the violence, said Bill Frelick, director of the refugee rights program at Human Rights Watch.

And, what the hell does he mean when he says ‘when US politicians consider applicants.’  What politicians?  Does he mean Obama because it is the Administration that actually considers applicants.  Sad to say, Congress doesn’t have much of a role in the final decisions (LOL! assuming Congress would have the guts to stop anything anyway).
They talk big—like Rep Michael McCaul, here, but he really doesn’t have much authority to stop Obama short of legislation that could stall the whole process.
We will be watching to see if there is any action by McCaul or other House leaders responsible for refugees—Reps Goodlatte and Gowdy—in the coming weeks.
The Chicago Tribune goes on to tell us more of what Frelick said:

“If there is even a whiff of a security concern, no consular officer or security officer (from the multitude of U.S. agencies vetting applicants) wants to be the one that has his name on the bottom of a form where someone turns out to have done something horrible,” Frelick said of the asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries in conflict. “There is every incentive to say no and very few incentives to say yes. This stigma of terrorism, the fear of a needle in the haystack, tends to hold the whole haystack back.”

That is all fine and dandy, but always remember that history tells us that the Jihadist tendency is more likely to rear its ugly head in the next generation as we have seen innumerable times with the Somalis.  The parents aren’t the Jihadists, it is the youths that we helped raise with our tax dollars who are radicalized in neighborhood mosques who have turned to Islamic terrorism.  It might be 10-15 years before we see the Syrian refugee kids make their move.  Why gamble?  Save the Christians first.
Continue reading here and listen to a Syrian Muslim doctor whine.
One final funny note (NOT)!  The family which serves as the star of the story (there is always a heartwarming refugee story) has a three-year-old name ‘Osama.’   I think if someone named their kid ‘Hitler’ it would send a message wouldn’t it?  Same goes for Osama!

If your town is taking HUD housing dollars, diversity, in the form of third world refugees, is on the way

I’m old enough to remember the time when Rep. Mo Udall wanted the federal government to control all land use decisions (zoning) in America (yes, he really did!) and the Left has been angling for that power for all the decades since.  Udall’s mission, of course, was to protect the environment from developers (as one of its goals), Obama has another mission—to fundamentally change America by changing the people and will actually use developers happy to take the federal dollars to build low income housing in the midst of middle and upper class American neighborhoods (and don’t count on your elected officials to save you as they are addicted to federal cash!).

AJ Kern
AJ Kern, Minnesota writer: In June US Supreme Court “granted the federal government the right to coerce neighborhoods to integrate based on racial quotas.”

Forty years later, Obama is pulling off what Udall couldn’t—federal control of zoning decisions with his Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing program, and the US Supreme Court*** has agreed that the federal government has this power!
People ask me all the time, how do I know if refugees are coming to my town?  Well, here is one way to find out, see how entwined your local government is with HUD and local developers thrilled with the federal bucks coming their way.  HUD money=seeding diversity in your town or city!
Here is AJ Kern writing at the St. Cloud Times to tell us how it will all works (hat tip: Dede):

If you agree with President Obama’s fundamental transformation of America from a free republic, where historically “We the People” have a voice, toward socialist-styled globalism, you’re going to love his strong-armed use of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Unless, of course, it affects your neighborhood.

On July 16, HUD provided its overreaching final version of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule known as AFFH.

Claiming to further the purposes and policies of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, HUD will dangle federal dollars as an incentive to direct communities to “take significant actions to overcome historic patterns of segregation, achieve truly balanced and integrated living patterns, promote fair housing choice, and foster inclusive communities that are free from discrimination.”

In other words, communities must accept HUD’s brand of racial integration by building low-income housing in America’s neighborhoods following new stringent federal zoning requirements or lose eligibility for community development block grants — federal funding to which communities have become addicted.


No need for a citizen driven comprehensive plan or those pesky local land use planning boards.

Continue reading, then get to work!  

Contact your local elected government and the planning department.  Find out who has their fingers in the cookie jar to the detriment of your town.
***Here is the White House crowing about the decision.
Endnote:  Go here to see if a refugee resettlement contractor is working near you.  Keep in mind that these contractors can deposit refugees within a hundred miles of their office.  I have said this before, but it is worth repeating, if you don’t know if refugees are planned for your town, then contact your local elected officials, the local health department and the local education department and start asking questions!  If they are coming, someone has been (quietly!) notified.

Three articles at WND on migrant crisis in Europe and spillover to the US; is it time to demand a moratorium?

Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily has been doing the best, most detailed, work by far of any American journalist in chronicling the actions of the US Refugee Admissions Program with a critical eye.  Checking our archives I see that we have posts about Hohmann’s indepth research into the UN-driven refugee program beginning at least as early as the summer of 2014.

A petition making the rounds very reasonably demands that decisions to resettle refugees in American towns must involve local citizens in the decision-making process. As of this morning 2,351 of you have signed it. In light of the news coming from Europe in just the last few days, and that the push is on for an astounding number of Syrian Muslims to be admitted to the US beginning 4 weeks from now–65,000-100,000!–maybe it is a moratorium we should be demanding! Are we being too nice, too reasonable in the face of a death blow to America which is what 65,000 would be? http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/no-refugee-resettlement-without-local-ok.html

This past week he produced three articles which easily serve as tutorials on what is happening in Europe as the invasion there reaches new and frightening heights and links it to activities in the US in certain ‘pockets of resistance’ where citizens are demanding and expecting answers about what the federal government and its nine hand-picked resettlement contractors (which monopolize all decisions in the US on refugees) have planned for your towns.
I urge all of you, especially new readers, to read all three important pieces, at least one of which was featured on the Drudge Report.  Then sign the petition. ***Update*** in addition to Hohmann’s reports urging readers to sign the petition, I see an American Thinker writer is also urging readers to sign, here.
Because Hohmann has written extensively on the topic, each article links back to previous news and thus is very useful to new readers who want to quickly catch up on the issue of the century!   Why do I say that?  Because what we (and Europe) do about migration right now will determine whether Western Civilization lives or dies—it is that simple.
As they say, we are blessed to live in interesting times.
Read these three articles at World Net Daily:

Muslim hordes causing chaos in Europe

Hungary-style refugee invasion fears in US

ISIS Smuggler: “We will use refugee crisis to infiltrate the West”


The resettlement contractors started a White House petition (less than a week ago) urging Obama to admit 65,000 Syrians to the US in FY2016.  They have 35,477 signatures to date! (how many Syrians and others in the Middle East have signed?)
Just a reminder! Of the thousand or so Syrians we have admitted to the US in 2015, 97% are Muslims (data at the US State Department).  That number will not change much going forward because the UNHCR is picking our refugees from their camps housing Muslim, mostly Sunni, Syrians!   We are not saving the Christians! 
And, I see they have a new petition posted Thursday to lift the ceiling from the usual 70,000 refugees a year from all countries to 140,000 for FY2016 (which begins in 4 weeks).

Is it time for us to start using the ‘M’ word—moratorium!—because our national security is at risk!