National Security Spokesman: Obama poised to resettle Syrians

Of course we are already taking Syrian refugees, but the implication is that the US may dramatically boost the numbers.
This is the latest news reported by Leo Hohmann of World Net Daily earlier this evening.  As we have said previouslyHohmann’s familiarity with the refugee issue allows him to add background to each of his articles making it easier for readers new to the subject to ‘get caught up’ fairly quickly.
He begins with news from AP today.  I thought it was interesting to see that it is Obama’s national security team releasing this little nugget and not the US State Department.  Fitting I suppose since it is the national security piece that most Americans have foremost on their minds as they watch footage of aggressive young men rushing trains and fighting among each other as they try to get to Germany (and other ‘welcoming’ countries offering generous ‘social services’).

Peter Boogaard
Peter Boogaard, described as a spokesman for the National Security Council, says “refugee resettlement” (to the US) is being considered to help Europe better manage its migration crisis (aka the invasion). Photo:

The Obama administration is “actively considering” ways to help relieve the European migrant crisis, and among the options on the table is a massive resettlement of “refugees” inside the United States.

Peter Boogaard, a spokesman for the National Security Council, told the Associate Press the United States is in contact with countries in the Middle East and Europe grappling with the migration of nearly 400,000 Middle Eastern and African migrants into Europe.

Boogaard did not elaborate on specific measures being considered, but said they included “refugee resettlement.”

“Many are fleeing the civil war in Syria and areas in Iraq under the control of Islamic State militants,” the AP reported.

But a closer look at the United Nations refugee agency’s data shows that “many” of these so-called refugees are likely not refugees at all.

According to data from the U.N. high commissioner for refugees, 75 percent of the migrants who arrived on European soil are men, while 13 percent are children and 12 percent women.

What’s more, only a slight majority of the refugees are Syrian, at 51 percent. The remainder are from all over the Middle East and North Africa and many have purchased the passports of dead Syrians.

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The timing is propitious!
Hohmann quotes me as speculating that the Obama Administration could make some grand announcement when Pope Francis arrives in Washington later this month. (LOL! Gee how many ‘refugee’ families will the Obama’s invite to live in the White House?) Whether he does it then (to get the most for his PR buck), or at some other point this month, readers here know that conveniently Obama’s decision for how many refugees we take for FY2016 is due in Congress before September 30th anyway.
Congress has a “consultation” role, but as far as I know, they have never taken any action to question what the President wants, which for this president has been 70,000 refugees (a year) total from all countries combined.  The resettlement contractors are demanding he more than double that number to accommodate the admission of anywhere from 65,000-100,000 Syrians in the coming year (an astronomical number!).

Trump: "possibly" bring some Syrians to the US

This news is four days old, but I heard it tonight on Fox as I arrived home from DC.

Which Syrians Donald?

Here is what CNN reported over the holiday (and Fox repeated):

(CNN)Republican front-runner Donald Trump said Friday that the Syrian refugee crisis is “so horrible” that he would consider allowing the U.S. to accept some of the displaced refugees.

When asked whether the United States should assist European countries and accept some of the refugees on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Trump said, “We have so many problems, and the answer is, possibly, yes.”

All I can say is that by now Trump has access to some of the most knowledgeable people in the country on immigration issues and he better get boned-up on this issue pretty quickly because the question (and decision by Obama) of the number of Syrian refugees the US will be dropping off in your towns is coming at us like a freight train.

I’ll be very surprised if candidates are not asked about our refugee policy at the upcoming CNN debate.

The most important question is how many, but not far behind is the one I have not heard one mainstream media outlet mention—will we be taking in mostly Muslim Syrians as we have already?  Or, are we going to prioritize the persecuted Christians? I think the average America, who knows nothing about what is going on with refugees, simply ASSUMES the Christians are at the head of the line when in fact they are not!

And, not far behind the questions about number and religion is another biggie—are we going to forego normal security screening?


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