NC Member of the House wants to curb Obama power on refugees, start by cutting funds

Update September 20th:  NC to get Syrian refugees, here.
Of course I’m wondering if Speaker Boehner will be curbing Rep. Jones?
Interestingly, Rep. Walter Jones has been in Congress for 20 years. Does he know that North Carolina is a prime resettlement state?  NC is one of 12 states that received more than 2,000 refugees so far this year (as of August 31).

Eh Lar Doh Htoo, 18, killed three young brothers ages 1, 5, and 12 in New Bern earlier this year.

Do you remember that gruesome machete murder in March when a Burmese refugee killed three small children.  It happened in New Bern (in Jones’ district).  Could that have caused his concern for the huge influx of refugees entering the US and North Carolina?
Come to think of it, could the murderer be a Burmese Rohingya Muslim resettled among Christian Burmese, does anyone know?  We told you about it here when it first happened.
Here is the story by Neil Munro today at Breitbart (hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum):

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC)-today called on Congress to formally curb President Barack Obama’s legally unlimited powers to invite foreign refugees and migrants into the United States.

“We need to determine how much this program is costing taxpayers, and we need to make sure the people we are letting in aren’t radical Islamic terrorists,” said Jones, a conservative elected from North Carolina.

“Until then, the program ought to be suspended,” Jones said.

“We are over 18 trillion dollars in debt [and] we don’t even have money to fix roads and schools for Americans who pay taxes and already live here,” Jones said.

“Instead of taking in thousands of immigrants and refugees from countries that breed radical Islamic terrorists, we should be focusing our efforts on urging stable Middle Eastern countries to allow refugees to resettle closer to their homeland,” he said.

The only practical way for the GOP to limit Obama’s authority is to include restrictions in the annual spending bills, due for completion this fall.

For example, the Congress can include limiting language in the appropriations bill that is used for the refugee program.

Reporter Munro has more, continue reading here.
Glad to see that some House Members are doing something, so far as I know, nothing from the House Judiciary Committee that has jurisdiction over the refugee program and has some say over Obama’s determination for FY2016.

Is Pope coming to US to lecture us (and Donald Trump) with "nation of immigrants" propaganda?

It sure sounds like it!  How dare he! And, who invited him to insert himself into our political system?
Oh, no surprise John Boehner*** invited him!
Previously we learned that Democrats are going to use the Pope’s visit to advance their goal of admitting 100,000 Syrians to the US in the next year!
Is Boehner working for Obama and the Democrats (just asking!)?
Citizens concerned about saving Western Civilization should be out in New York and Washington, DC protesting the message the Pope, we are told, will be spewing!   According to the editor of a Catholic magazine he may even quote that historically inaccurate Emma Lazarus poem to guilt-trip you.  Please spare us that lecture!

In 2013, Pope Francis helped fuel the invasion of Europe by welcoming illegal aliens to the island of Lampedusa.

If you can’t be out with a protest sign next week, every Catholic who disagrees with this Pope on immigration should pen a letter to your local paper that begins with:

This Pope does not speak for me!

This is the news featured at Drudge earlier this morning!
And the church wonders why so many of us have left it!
From the Financial Times:

When Pope Francis makes his maiden visit to the US next week, he will accomplish something that has eluded the 2016 presidential contenders — overshadowing Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

US television networks ​will provide wall-to-wall coverage of the visit, which will include the first speech by a Pope to Congress. [Thanks John Boehner!—ed] But while the pontiff will steal some of Mr Trump’s media thunder, he is also expected to wade into ​a debate about immigration — an issue that has helped propel the brash real estate magnate to the front of the Republican pack.

Trump at the border

Since losing the 2012 election, party leaders have talked about the need to appeal to Hispanics, who are the fastest growing segment of the US electorate. But Mr Trump has upended that plan by campaigning against illegal Mexican immigrants, some of whom he has called “rapists”, and reopening a polarising debate that the Republicans ​had ​hoped to avoid in 2016.

Vatican officials say Pope Francis will focus heavily on immigration during his visit, which would insert him into the middle of presidential politics and could unsettle conservatives even more than his critiques of capitalism and environmentalist rhetoric.

“The Pope obviously has a very soft spot in his heart for immigrants,” said one Holy See insider. “He won’t say, ‘open all borders’, but there’s no two ways about it, he will say, ‘let’s give our immigrant brothers and sisters a fair chance’.” [So, if not all borders, how many, whose borders, and how wide?  They will never answer those questions.—ed]

Give me a break!  Emma Lazurus blah! blah! blah!

Robert Mickens, the Rome-based editor-in-chief of Global Pulse, the Catholic magazine, said that concern for migrants had been “one of the central themes” of Pope Francis’ social teaching. “He doesn’t need to scold the lawmakers but I think he will challenge them not to abandon America’s long history of welcoming immigrants,” Mr Mickens said.

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Pope were to quote those evocative line’s from Emma Lazarus’s poem that adorns the Statue of Liberty — ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore’.”

There is more if you can stand it, click here. (Update:  Looks like the Financial Times may only let you in one time, but its o.k. we snipped the important part)
And, one more thing!  The Pope has made no appeal to put the persecuted Syrian Christians ahead of Sunni Muslims for protection by western countries.  Correct me if I am wrong!
Here, Hungarian Bishop tells Pope he is wrong on Syrians arriving in Europe, calls them invaders.

***Is Boehner keeping the lid on the House Judiciary Committee on the Syrian refugee question until after the Pope leaves?  Hmm!

Saudi Arabia claims they have taken in 2.5 million Syrian refugees (prove it!)

No they haven’t taken refugees.  They may have tens of thousands of foreign workers there on a temporary basis, but they are not resettling any ‘refugees’ on a permanent basis.  And, I doubt the number of Syrians is in the millions.

S.A deportations
In 2013, Saudi Arabia loaded up tens of thousands of Somali and Ethiopian asylum seekers and shipped them back to Africa said HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH. In this photo Africans board buses to the airport for deportation flights to Addis Ababa.

Go here and here to see how this controversy began.  Where is the UN High Commissioner for Refugees confirming or denying these claims?
Here is Alarabia:

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman on Monday chaired a cabinet session in which “false and misleading accusations” over the Kingdom’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis were addressed.

Almost 2.5 million Syrians have been received by Saudi Arabia since the start of the civil war, state news agency SPA reported.

We have been chronicling Saudi Arabia’s mean-spiritedness toward its fellow Muslims for years.  Go here for our complete archive on S.A.’s treatment of refugees.
And, I just found a post here from 2008 ,written by blog partner Judy, in which she reports that S.A. takes no refugees on a permanent basis because they don’t want them to have any voting power in the future.
Just a reminder that you will be hearing from western advocates for refugee resettlement that the countries of Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon have an “unfair” burden because they have millions of Syrians in camps there.  Always remember that those ‘refugees’ are there on a temporary basis and that when we take in refugees they will be here PERMANENTLY (and we will admit their family members) after the Syrian civil war is long forgotten.  The comparison is not a legitimate one.

Arab groups say Jewish contractor HIAS a big help in getting more Syrian Muslims admitted to US

I think my head is going to explode!
Why do big news outlets like the Washington Post republish such biased news from lazy reporters?
Here is an article written by Jacob Wirtschafter for Religion News Service (whatever that is) and published at the Washington Post that leaves one very large piece of the story unreported.  And, that is that HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), as one of nine major federal resettlement contractors, has a financial stake in the decision to admit large numbers of Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees.

Mark Hetfield HIAS
Doing well by doing good!

More than half of their $31 million dollar budget*** is from the federal government (you!) which pays them (BY THE HEAD) to resettle refugees.
They have every incentive to increase the number!  HIAS doesn’t focus attention on persecuted Jews and Christians/other minorities as a first priority, they help bring Somali, Iraqi and soon Syrian Muslims to your towns and cities.
And, how dare CEO Mark Hetfield now feign concern for Israel when he has been bashing Israel for years over the illegal alien problem Israel has been trying to cope with!  See here and here.
Here is the “news” about how happy Syrian Americans are that HIAS is helping get their people into America.
At the Washington Post:

LOS ANGELES — Advocates for Syrian refugee resettlement found unexpected allies as major Jewish groups have called on President Obama to open America’s gates to 100,000 asylum seekers from the war-torn Arab nation.

The American Jewish resettlement agency HIAS has launched a petition drive calling on Obama to resettle 100,000 Syrians in the U.S., and Reform rabbis pledged to make refugee assistance a key theme for High Holiday sermons and congregational activism.

Jewish American groups, saying they can’t be bystanders as the worst refugee crisis since World War II unfolds, are joining Arab-American leaders in a critique of existing policies, which have sharply limited the numbers of refugees settled in the United States.

The nerve of Hetfield now saying we should bring Syrian Muslims to America to ensure Israel’s safety! Why? Presumably just to pander to the American pro-Israel community when Hetfield has been a leading critic of Israel on the immigration issue urging them to let in more ‘refugees’ which anyone in their right mind knows will kill Israel.

HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield said the request for additional Syrian refugees is also a matter of ensuring Israel’s safety.

“The crisis in Syria threatens to destabilize Jordan, Lebanon, and perhaps even Turkey and Egypt,” he said. “This cannot be good for Israel.”


“HIAS has consistently called for more resettlement and pushed back against discriminatory rhetoric opposing the opening of doors to Syrian refugees,” said Omar Hossino, public relations director for the Syrian American Council in Washington, D.C.

It took 5 seconds to find this linking the Syrian American Council to the Muslim Brotherhood.
And, btw, HIAS was a leading activist group pushing the ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bill in the Senate (we have many posts on their lobbying activities on these pages over the years).

If the US brings in 100,000 Syrian Muslims as HIAS is demanding, they will be rolling in the green stuff!  So come on lazy reporters, do your homework!

*** Have a look at the most recent Form 990 for HIAS (which re-branded itself and dropped the word Hebrew from its name awhile back).  It is a $31 million dollar a year supposed ‘non-profit’ group that receives 55% of its funding from the US taxpayer.  Federal grants total just over $16 million and that is to resettle refugees!  And they receive other funds related to their refugee resettlement efforts including over $500,000 in processing fees for loans (refugee air fare loan collections).
Hetfield pulls down a salary (and related income) of just over $300,000 per year and there are 5 other employees in the six-figure range.
Go here to see if HIAS is working in your city.