Judiciary Chairman Grassley wants Kerry to clarify position on Syrian Muslim admissions to US

As we reported earlier, the Senate and House Judiciary Committees have a responsibility under the Refugee Act of 1980 to “consult” with the Administration on the size and scope of the refugee program for the upcoming fiscal year which begins on October  first.

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Senator Chuck Grassley: How many?

Obviously Senator Grassley isn’t letting the Administration get away with the vague information they have been giving out on exactly how many Syrian refugees Obama plans to admit to the US.
And, by the way, we wouldn’t have security concerns if we were saving the Christians. We have reported repeatedly that the vast majority, 95% entering the US so far are Sunni Muslims. The number jumps to 97% when you consider only those who came this year.
Here is Grassley’s press release from Friday thanks to Chris:

Grassley Seeks Details on Administration’s Refugee Announcements

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley today pressed Secretary of State John Kerry to clarify the administration’s plans to increase the number of refugees allowed into the United States in fiscal 2016, including up to 10,000 additional refugees from the war torn country of Syria. Grassley raised questions about the administration’s plans to admit additional refugees and whether adequate safeguards and background checks are in place to handle the influx.

While the administration proposed raising the refugee ceiling from 70,000 to 75,000, Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard admitted that administration officials are considering increasing the cap later in 2016. White House Spokesman Josh Earnest also said that the administration is considering allowing 10,000 refugees from Syria in 2016, an increase from earlier estimates.

In a letter to Kerry, Grassley asked how the administration will screen Syrian refugees to ensure they were not involved with terrorist organizations, whether the influx of refugees will strain the vetting process, and how the administration plans to respond in the event that refugees are determined to be involved in terrorist organizations after they have been admitted to the United States. Further, Grassley asked Kerry to explain what the administration is doing to assess the willingness of other countries to admit Syrian refugees.

The letter follows a consultation earlier this week between Kerry and leaders of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to discuss the proposed annual number of refugees to be admitted to the United States. The State Department must consult with these congressional committees regarding the refugee cap each year as well as any time an increase in allowable refugees is proposed.

Following the consultation, Grassley emphasized that America’s security must remain a top priority when admitting refugees, especially when violent terrorist groups like ISIS are committed to finding ways to enter the United States and harm Americans.

Full text of Grassley’s letter to Kerry follows (click here).

September 11, 2015

Senator Grassley needs to call for a hearing required by the Refugee Act and put Secretary of State Kerry and Asst. Secretary Richard on the hot seat!

And, the next question is…where might the Members of the House Judiciary Committee be hiding?

Mama Merkel makes a mess as Germany closes its borders

Invasion of Europe news….

What the heck did German Chancellor Angela Merkel think was going to happen when she “welcomed” the world to Germany?
Now, what is going to happen to the hordes who must be backed up all the way to Turkey, but who have started on their migration to Merkel’s welcoming arms?

Angela Merkel
Is “Mama Merkel” insane? There can be no other explanation for what she is doing! https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2015/09/02/trying-to-reach-the-welcoming-arms-of-mama-merkel-migrants-are-buying-fake-syrian-passports/

From Deutsche Welle last evening:

Borders between Germany and Austria were closed and train services suspended for twelve hours amid a massive refugee crisis. Alison Langley reports from Vienna’s central station on the reactions there.

On Sunday evening at the West Bahnhof refugees and normal train passengers struggled to get to Germany after the German government announced it would introduce border controls immediately and that train service with Austria was suspended.


Thousands of refugees hoping to continue their travels to Germany and beyond – some wanted to get to The Netherlands, others Sweden – were stranded in Austria, along the Hungarian border with Nickelsdorf and the German boundary.

Helmut Marban, police spokesman in Nickelsdorf, said about 11,000 refugees had arrived in Austria as of 21:00. They were expecting up to 5,000 more during the night.

More here….
Our ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

Is Congress shirking its duty to America on refugee admissions? Yes, and has done so for more than 2 decades!

Former Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (December 1979):

“…there is no substitute for public scrutiny, public disclosure, public debate on an issue of such importance
as the admission of refugees to the United States.”

As far as we know, only Senator Grassley (Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee) has put out any statement about the Refugee “consultation” required by law that occurred on the Senate side of the Capitol last Wednesday.  Grassley’s statement is here.
***Update*** More here from Senator Grassley.

Where are you Trey Gowdy? As Chairman of the Immigration and Border Control Subcommittee in the House, you can do more to protect America by slowing the Syrian Muslim flow to our towns than you can ever do on Benghazi!

Where were the House Members, and why haven’t we heard from them yet? Where was Chairman Goodlatte and Subcommittee Chairman Trey Gowdy?
Some speculate that they have been told to stay quiet, don’t make a fuss until the Pope has come and gone! (Boehner again?)
Now, that is just speculation and if someone presents me with some facts about the House Judiciary position on the 10,000 Syrians (or more!) for FY2016 proposal by the President, let me know.    I do see this morning that Rep. Michael McCaul (Homeland Security Chairman) is blasting the number, but he is not on the committee responsible for addressing the Presidential Determination!
The Refugee Act of 1980 has a very specific time line for the President’s annual proposal for refugee admissions and the law calls for hearings now (here yesterday).  And, where is the report that is supposed to precede the consultation by two weeks?

I say if there are no public hearings, FY2016 admissions should be halted when the new fiscal year begins on October 1.

Has Congress been shirking its duty for decades?  

Sure looks like it!  Because of the proposals to bring in as many as 100,000 Syrians in the next 12 months, there must be hearings!  Come on Trey Gowdy!  Come on Bob Goodlatte! Where are you?
History tells us that the House (and the Senate) have been shirking their duties under the Refugee Act of 1980 for twenty years!
Take a trip down memory lane to the House debate on the ‘Immigration in the National Interest Act of 1995’ (HR2202) spearheaded by Rep. Lamar Smith and see what was said about the “consultation” process and how it has been ignored to America’s great detriment.
From House Report 104-469 (hat tip: Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum).  Report is dated March 4, 1996.  Former Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman who was involved with the passage of the Refugee Act of 1980, as chairman of he immigration subcommittee, is quoted as confirming the importance of the consultation process and Congress’ role!

The Refugee Act of 1980 intended to provide Congress with a
meaningful role in the process of determining refugee
admissions. In the words of former Representative Elizabeth
Holtzman, then Chair of the House Subcommittee on Immigration,
Refugees and International Law, ``Importantly, for the first
time, the bill requires that Congress be consulted before
refugees are admitted, and spells out in detail the elements of
that consultation.” 55 Additionally, the Report of the
House Committee on the Judiciary regarding the Refugee Act of
1980 stated the following:
\55\ 125 Cong. Rec. H11966, H1167 (daily ed. Dec. 13, 1979)
(statement of Rep. Holtzman).

The Committee has made every effort to assure that
Congress has a proper and substantial role in all
decisions on refugee admissions. In the past, the
Attorney General’s consultation with this committee
regarding admissions has been merely a matter of
courtesy or custom. * * * The Committee cannot
overemphasize the importance it attaches to
consultation. The Congress is charged under the
Constitution with the responsibility for the regulation
of immigration, and this responsibility continues with
respect to refugee admissions.56
\56\ House Report 96-608 at 12-14 (1979).

In the past several years, the refugee consultation process
has devolved into a single meeting between the Executive Branch
and the House and Senate Judiciary Committees near the end of
the fiscal year–the very type of process which the 1980 Act
expressly rejected. As an example, the refugee consultation for
fiscal year 1996 occurred in the middle of September 1995–two
weeks prior to the beginning of fiscal year 1996. The failure
of the Administration to consult with Congress on the number
and allocation of refugee admissions until just prior to the
beginning of the fiscal year meant that the series of
discussions between the President and Congress called for in
section 207(d)(1) of the INA did not take place. [This is exactly what  is happening right now!—ed]

The current process of determining refugee admissions does
not provide Congress with a meaningful role in this process, as
intended in the Refugee Act of 1980. The number of refugee
admissions for a particular fiscal year should not be set
unilaterally by the President. As former Chairwoman Holtzman
stated: “* * * there is no substitute for public scrutiny,
public disclosure, public debate on an issue of such importance
as the admission of refugees to the United States.” 57
The only way to have an adequate public debate on the issue of
refugees is to give Congress a more meaningful role in
determining number and allocation of refugee admissions.
\57\ 125 Cong. Rec. H37203 (daily ed. Dec. 20, 1979).

So in conclusion, as the Refugee Act of 1980 intended, Congress is required to have a “meaningful” role in establishing refugee policy for the coming year and that includes a PUBLIC hearing!
It appears the last time either Judiciary Committee held required hearings on the annual refugee consultation was in 1999 (here).  If anyone can find a more recent hearing record, please send it. Why haven’t they been doing their jobs?
It seems that, just like everything else these days, this Republican Congress isn’t standing up for itself or for the American people! Just a bunch of chickens!
Go here to see who the members of the House Judiciary Committee are and here for the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Tell them they must hold hearings!

CAIR: Bring Syrians to St. Louis!

Once again confirming what we all know, the majority of Syrians in the pipeline to America are Muslims, or otherwise why would the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) be helping to stage a ‘bring them here’ rally.

You can bet he is not rallying to save the Christian Syrians!  http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/09/st-louis-cair-executive-director-in-america-greatest-threat-is-right-wing-extremism/

From KMOV.com:

(KMOV.com) — Demonstrators gathered in the Delmar Loop Sunday calling for St. Louis to bring in thousands of Syrian Refugees.

The rally and march, billed as the ‘Bring Them Here’ march, was meant to bring awareness to the millions of refugees displaced by Syria’s civil war.

An estimated 6 million have left their homes since the start of Syria’s civil war in 2011, and many have no hope of ever returning.

Faizan Syed, an organizer from the Council on American–Islamic Relations, or CAIR argued St. Louis is perfectly positioned to help, pointing to the thousands of Bosnians who came to the city in the late 1990s.

History lesson for new readers: it was Bill Clinton who brought thousands of Bosnian Muslims to the US.
When the Pope comes to the US on September 22nd, make no mistake, if he admonishes us to take in Syrian refugees, it will be Syrian Sunni Muslims he is promoting and not the Syrian Christians since so far, he hasn’t said a word about saving Christians first, nor have the US Bishops!
See Hungarian Bishop stands up to Pope, here!
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RRW Weekly roundup for week ending September 12, 2015

It really was my plan to get this up over the weekend, but internet connection problems are slowing me down.  That also means that I am later than usual posting your comments and answering e-mail and that is a shame at this incredibly important time—the issue is exploding worldwide!
Our readership has grown so much since Labor Day that we have already, by this past Saturday (12 days into the month), passed our best month ever in over eight years of writing this blog.  Thanks for reading RRW.
As you can see I’m trying to keep readers informed about what is going on in the world as the Invasion of Europe is on steroids now and at the same time trying to help the growing ‘Pockets of Resistance’ in the US find information they need to stand up to the bullies from Washington.   Some of you might be bored with posts about the details of refugee law and such, but others of you need to know how this is being ramrodded through by the Administration (with far Left groups and resettlement contractors) on to unsuspecting communities in 49 states (Wyoming is still free!).
Congress, so far, is doing little and is possibly even breaking the law by not doing its due diligence envisioned by the original Refugee Act of 1980.  See yesterday’s post on hearings, more to come!
Be sure to see my Youtube video about the Senate Jihad Caucus, here.  And my first Youtube is now at almost 1.5 million views!
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2)Dead toddler’s father wanted to go to Europe to get new teeth!

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