RRW Weekly roundup for week ending September 12, 2015

It really was my plan to get this up over the weekend, but internet connection problems are slowing me down.  That also means that I am later than usual posting your comments and answering e-mail and that is a shame at this incredibly important time—the issue is exploding worldwide!
Our readership has grown so much since Labor Day that we have already, by this past Saturday (12 days into the month), passed our best month ever in over eight years of writing this blog.  Thanks for reading RRW.
As you can see I’m trying to keep readers informed about what is going on in the world as the Invasion of Europe is on steroids now and at the same time trying to help the growing ‘Pockets of Resistance’ in the US find information they need to stand up to the bullies from Washington.   Some of you might be bored with posts about the details of refugee law and such, but others of you need to know how this is being ramrodded through by the Administration (with far Left groups and resettlement contractors) on to unsuspecting communities in 49 states (Wyoming is still free!).
Congress, so far, is doing little and is possibly even breaking the law by not doing its due diligence envisioned by the original Refugee Act of 1980.  See yesterday’s post on hearings, more to come!
Be sure to see my Youtube video about the Senate Jihad Caucus, here.  And my first Youtube is now at almost 1.5 million views!
Now to the Top Three Posts of last week (top daily posts are in the right hand side bar):

1)UNHCR data confirms it: 75% of the so-called refugees arriving in Europe are MEN

2)Dead toddler’s father wanted to go to Europe to get new teeth!

3)Germany: Surprise! (not!) ISIS fighter caught posing as asylum seeker

The Top Ten Countries from which visitors arrived at RRW are as follows (excluding the US):




Poland (exciting addition to the Top Ten, welcome!)




New Zealand



For New Readers:  Go here to last week’s roundup and learn about how to get the most out of your visits to RRW (we are just short of the 7,000 posts mark).  Reminder that we are on facebook and twitter.
Let me be clear to new readers, it is just me here, your humble blogger, RRW is not an organization with staff (with LOL! interns), with salaries, offices and such.  Our mission is to try to get you the important news every day on a subject that I believe is the most important one the US has faced since its founding.  What we decide now about immigration, about numbers and from where they come, will determine whether America and Western Civilization itself lives or dies—I believe it is that important! Europe is just a little ahead of us in committing suicide, so we watch it carefully.

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