CAIR: Bring Syrians to St. Louis!

Once again confirming what we all know, the majority of Syrians in the pipeline to America are Muslims, or otherwise why would the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) be helping to stage a ‘bring them here’ rally.

You can bet he is not rallying to save the Christian Syrians!


( — Demonstrators gathered in the Delmar Loop Sunday calling for St. Louis to bring in thousands of Syrian Refugees.

The rally and march, billed as the ‘Bring Them Here’ march, was meant to bring awareness to the millions of refugees displaced by Syria’s civil war.

An estimated 6 million have left their homes since the start of Syria’s civil war in 2011, and many have no hope of ever returning.

Faizan Syed, an organizer from the Council on American–Islamic Relations, or CAIR argued St. Louis is perfectly positioned to help, pointing to the thousands of Bosnians who came to the city in the late 1990s.

History lesson for new readers: it was Bill Clinton who brought thousands of Bosnian Muslims to the US.
When the Pope comes to the US on September 22nd, make no mistake, if he admonishes us to take in Syrian refugees, it will be Syrian Sunni Muslims he is promoting and not the Syrian Christians since so far, he hasn’t said a word about saving Christians first, nor have the US Bishops!
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