Kerry briefs Senators, says we will take more Syrian refugees in coming year; shame on McCain!

Secretary of State John Kerry is probably getting a tongue-lashing at this very moment from refugee resettlement contractors who want the President to raise the ante and permit 200,000 refugees to be admitted to the US.
The norm from the Obama Administration in recent years has been 70,000 (from all countries) which is already way above a sustainable economic level considering the large numbers of refugees already on welfare.

McCain and dead baby
This is deplorable! Didn’t McCain do some fact checking before he went to the Senate floor with this shameful propaganda. That poor baby is dead because his Dad wanted free teeth in Europe! It has nothing to do with the US not doing anything “meaningful.”

Kerry told Senators today that they are looking to boost that number by only 5,000 to accommodate a Syrian refugee stream.  That is a tiny number when you consider that the Lutherans, the Catholics and the Evangelicals, who are paid to resettle refugees, have been asking for 65,000-100,000 this week.
It occurs to me that if the contractors want to bring in the mostly Muslim Syrians maybe it is time to cut back on the Somali and Iraqi Muslim refugees, groups which are now both way over 100,000 in number in the US (not including the children they have produced here).  
From AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is prepared to increase the number of refugees it resettles by at least 5,000 next year as European countries struggle to accommodate tens of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

Two officials and a congressional aide said that Secretary of State John Kerry told members of Congress in a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill Wednesday that the United States will boost its worldwide quota for resettling refugees from 70,000 to 75,000 next year, a number that could increase further. A fraction of those would be from Syria.

Kerry said after the meeting that the United States would increase the number of refugees it is willing to take in but did not give a specific number.

Hillary wants a UN pow-wow to guilt-trip western countries (surely she isn’t going to embarrass the Saudis, the Chinese or the Russians).

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, Kerry’s predecessor, called for an “emergency global gathering” at the United Nations General Assembly meeting later this month, where countries could pledge aid money and to accept some of the migrants.

Of the three largest ethnic groups being resettled right now, the Burmese are mostly Christians, but some 10,000 or so Burmese Muslims came in in the last ten years; the majority of the Iraqis are Muslims and virtually all of the Somalis are.  The Somali refugees have been coming for 30 years, or nearly so, so maybe it’s time to cut them off.

The top three groups of people resettled by the U.S. are Burmese, Iraqis and Somalis. Beyond Syrians, the administration wants to increase the number of Africans coming to the United States next year, according to a senior U.S. official involved in the process.

The article implies that we were to blame for Vietnam and for Iraq—you know we broke it so they are ours.  However, Syria is not our problem and most Americans know that.

Many Americans will feel differently about taking large numbers of Syrians displaced by a war that the United States has tried hard to avoid.

And, look at this, even Obama’s people are worried about security:

In addition, U.S. intelligence officials say they are concerned that the flow of migrants into Europe has been infiltrated by Islamic State group extremists who are bent on carrying out terror attacks.

“Exactly what’s their background?” Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Wednesday during an industry conference. “We don’t obviously put it past the likes of ISIL to infiltrate operatives among these refugees.”

More here….
Remember folks!  The stars are aligning for Obama to choose an extremely large number of refugees for FY2016.  His determination letter is due in Congress this month, Europe is being overrun (Obama won’t like Merkel getting all the love), the contractors are ginning-up their lobbying forces demanding more paying clients (refugees), 14 Senators of the Democrat’s Jihad Caucus are yammering for more voters AND the Pope is coming to town!  Obama will want to give him a little ‘gift.’
I’ll eat my hat if something really big doesn’t happen this month.

Steps a refugee takes to get to America (can take a couple of years)

This is a handy flow chart I came across some time ago.  It is published by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (in the Dept. of Health and Human Services).
Journey to Resettlement in the United States
Do you see where it says “war” in step 1?   A legitimate refugee still must prove that he or she is being persecuted or has a legitimate fear of persecution even if running from a war zone. One cannot simply be fearful of war, or in the case of the Syrians, a civil war, persecution must still be proven (for such things as race, religion, political views and so forth).  Many of the so-called ‘refugees’ arriving in Europe are really economic migrants, not legitimate refugees.
And, do you see Step 2? Refugees are required to file for asylum protection in the first safe country they get to.  It is not supposed to be a shopping spree opportunity as is happening in Europe now as migrants move from country to country looking for the best welfare deals.
This whole ‘journey’, if done carefully, takes a couple of years.
Note the significant role the UN High Commissioner for Refugees plays in the processing of US-bound refugees.

Good idea! Government places ads advising asylum seekers not to come to Denmark

Invasion of Europe news….
Update:  Denmark blocks roadway today as refugees try to enter from Germany.
From the International Business Times:

Denmark is warning would-be Syrian asylum seekers that Copenhagen’s new center-right government has made it harder for refugees to find safety in the Nordic country. Ads targeting refugees that appeared Monday in Lebanese newspapers says asylum seekers will get fewer social benefits, may not bring family members to the country for a year and rejected asylum seekers will be quickly deported.

epa04622616 Floral tributes continue to grow in numbers in front of the synagogue following shootings in Copenhagen, Denmark, 16 February 2015. Danish police have arrested two men on suspicion of aiding the gunman who carried out shooting attacks in Copenhagen, investigators said. EPA/BAX LINDHARDT DENMARK OUT
Copenhagen: Danes not forgetting the February 2015 terror attack by a Palestinian refugee.

“The Danish immigration authorities are informing about changes of conditions regarding residence in Denmark being implemented by the new Danish government,” the ad reads before listing essentially seven reasons why asylum seekers might consider a neighboring European country instead. The ads have been published in 10 languages on government websites and through social media.

The EU Observer news site said Inger Stoejberg, the Danish integration minister, told TV2 News the campaign cost 30,000 euros (about $33,500), or about the cost of hosting one refugee for a year. Copenhagen had been planning to run these ads since July, after news emerged that refugee smugglers were circulating fliers comparing the social welfare benefits of various European countries.


The Feb. 14 shooting rampage in Copenhagen by the 22-year-old son of a Palestinian immigrant killed two people at a freedom of expression event and injured five police officers. The tragic incident exacerbated a growing resentment among some Danes who think their generous social benefits are being drained by an influx of immigrants.

Someone with a little time and a head for numbers should figure out what an average refugee costs the US taxpayer per year.
See our ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive as the beat goes on!  Go here for previous posts specifically on Denmark.  We have written previously about this ad campaign.

Federal refugee resettlement contractors on board—have upped the number to 100,000 Syrians

Only a week ago the US State Department contractors (who we hear are leading the State Dept. by the nose!) are now demanding that Obama admit 100,000 Syrians ASAP when only last week they said they would be satisfied with a mere 65,000.
Remember readers that the so-called “religious groups” mentioned in this article are PAID BY THE HEAD TO RESETTLE REFUGEES and that they decide to which towns and cities they will distribute them.

Rev. John McCullough
The Rev. John McCullough, CEO of Church World Service, pulls down a salary and related income package of just short of $300,000 while competing with other so-called “religious groups” in divvying up third world refugees to your towns and cities.

Reuters  (Hey Reuters, when are you ever going to do a little research and mention that these are US State Department contractors largely funded with US taxpayer dollars masquerading as Christian and Jewish not-for-profit charities!):

(Reuters) – Religious groups in the United States have urged the White House to step up its response to the Syrian refugee crisis, with one on Tuesday calling Washington’s efforts so far “disappointing.”

Church World Service, a global humanitarian organization that represents 37 Christian denominations, has called on the government to take in 100,000 Syrians over the next year, said Jen Smyers, who works on the group’s immigration and refugee program.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and the Jewish refugee assistance agency HIAS along with secular groups have also backed that figure.

The article goes on to tell us that the Lutherans think (in their infinite wisdom) that “the government’s definition of terrorism is overly broad.”
For new readers, below are the nine federal contractors paid with your tax dollars to resettle refugees in the towns of their choice!

“…assigning refugees to cities in the United States does not fall to the State Department. Those decisions are made by a consortium of nine national nongovernmental organizations.”

By the way, if your local church is doing a “Crop Walk,” then you are raising money for Church World Service which has 5 other employees in 6-figure salaries in addition to McCullough.
Reminder!  Obama will be making the all important decision on refugees for FY2016 any day now.

Seattle: Group forms to bring more Syrians to Washington state

I suspect this is happening in other cities too—immigrant activists meeting to see how to get more of their mostly Muslim countrymen into the US.

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 24: U.S. Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) (2nd L) speaks to members of the media as Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) (R), Senate Minority Whip Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) (L), and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) (3rd L) listen the weekly Democratic Policy Luncheon March 24, 2015 at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. Senate Democrats held the luncheon to discuss Democratic agenda. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Washington Democratic Senator Patty Murray followed Dick Durban’s (D-IL) lead in pushing Obama to admit 65,000 Syrians in FY2016.

If there are any ‘pockets of resistance’ in Washington state be sure to check out who the Syrian activists are and plan to attend their next meeting.
From the Seattle Globalist (no mention of persecuted Christians):

Dozens of Seattle-area residents gathered over the weekend to brainstorm ways to help people fleeing the war in Syria — including bringing more refugees into the state.


In Seattle, Hussein Ali, a Syrian immigrant who overcame challenges to move his family from Damascus to the U.S., quickly organized the event to make action plans. Ali says he wants the community to pressure their Congressional representatives to increase the limit of 8,000 Syrian refugees allowed into the U.S.


The next gathering is planned for Sept. 13 at the University of Washington. The group has a new page on Facebook.

It won’t take much to pressure one of their US Senators as Senator Patty Murray is a member in good standing of the Senate ‘Jihad Caucus’ which has gone on record to promote the resettlement of 65,000 Syrians to your towns across America.
Search RRW for more on Seattle, but don’t miss this post about the Seattle low income housing crisis because so many Somali refugees are occupying those units.  Syrians and Somalis will soon be squabbling over housing!
Reminder!  The timing could not be better for Obama. He sends his annual determination letter to Congress this month! Will your Member of Congress or US Senator say a critical word about it?