Carson favorability numbers jump dramatically after Muslim President comments last Sunday

Update:  I just finished watching Chuck Todd on Meet the Press (the show where Carson made what you know Todd was expecting to become Carson’s fatal blow) and Todd never mentioned Carson at all today.  You know that if Todd had succeeded in killing Carson’s Presidential aspirations, it would have been one big brag fest at Meet the Depressed (as Rush calls it) today. Todd mentioned Rubio’s slight rise in the polls and Fioriana’s but not one word about Carson’s this week (as Carson moves into a virtual tie with Trump)!
Fox News has done everything it could, over the last week, to make sure commentators throughout the network ‘school’ Ben Carson on what he can and cannot say on Muslims in public office and sharia law.  Hah! Looks like Carson gets the last word!

ben-carson think big
Reports: Carson hauls in a whopping $20 million in recent quarter! (from small donors!)

See our report last week, here.  And, don’t miss Andy McCarthy’s takedown of the increasingly pompous Dr. Krauthammer, here.
I’m about done with Fox News, but at least here they are reporting what they found (hopefully with egg on Mr. Murdoch’s face)!
From Fox News:

Hillary Clinton’s personal favorable ratings hit a low mark in the latest Fox News national poll, while Ben Carson’s ratings climb to new high in the wake of his news-generating comments on Muslims and the presidency.

Carson receives the best net favorable scores among all voters as well as self-identified Republicans. In addition, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush get the worst net scores overall, and Bush has the lowest score among Republicans.


The number of voters who have a positive opinion of Carson is up 20 percentage points: 46 percent now, up from 26 percent in May. Among Republicans the increase is even greater: 66 percent now view him favorably, up from 42 percent.

Interviewing for the poll started Sunday afternoon and went through Tuesday evening (September 20-22). That Sunday morning, Carson made news with remarks about Sharia law and why he would not support a hypothetical Muslim in the White House.

For more on the candidates we have a category called ‘2016 Presidential campaign’ where we archive everything we write that relates to immigration/refugees and the candidates.

Iraqi headed to Germany: "Inshallah, we hope to be rich there."

Invasion of Europe news…..

migrants registering in Berlin
Migrants registering in Berlin. What happens when they don’t get rich? Photo:

That little line is a quote at the end of an AP story that appeared in the print edition of my hometown newspaper yesterday.  The headline is ‘Croatia lifts blockade with Serbia.’  I found the link for the story, here.  The man who uttered that line will surely be disappointed.  Then what?

“I just want to go only to Germany,” said Adnan Habbabi, a 36-year-old from Basra, Iraq….”Inshallah [Allah willing–ed], we hope,” he said. “We hope to be rich there.”

The line of course is a warning that Germany hasn’t seen the real problem yet!  What happens when tens of thousands of young men aren’t granted asylum let alone get rich there?

See the Daily Mail story from Friday:  ‘Germany in a state of SIEGE!’  German women told to cover-up as migrant men roam the streets.
For all of our ‘Invasion of Europe’ posts extending back several years, click here.  For more on ‘Mama’ Merkel’s mess, go here.

Death by demography….

If you haven’t read Mark Steyn’s 2008America Alone,’ you must.  He spells it out in very clear terms. Western civilization is doomed unless people of European descent get busy and start producing large families, now!  (I wish I were young enough to help!) But, sadly, in America, and probably Europe as well, many of the well-educated (intelligent?) young people of forty years ago bought the notion that we would be greedy and hurt the planet if we produced more than two children (our replacements!)—less then two and you were a hero!
While the third world never got that message, as you will see by scrolling through this list of World Fertility Rates for 2015 (thanks to Kurt for bringing this to our attention).

It is no surprise that African nations dominate the list of the most fertile!  Here are a few selections:

America Alone

Niger: 7.27 children per family

Somalia: 5.99

Ethiopia: 5.81

Rep. of Congo: 5.31

Those three (Somalia, Ethiopia, and Rep. of Congo) are all now supplying the US with large numbers of ‘refugees.’
From the Middle East/Asia:

Afghanistan: 5.33

Iraq: 3.32

Pakistan:  2.75

Syria:  2.6

Then the US is still holding its own (I expect they are counting our Mexican immigrant fertility rate as well):

US: 2.06

And, here we see why Europe is dying (I wonder if they take into account the African and Middle Eastern immigrant births that would explain France and the UK still sort of up there).  Imagine if they only factored in the white European fertility rate!

Ireland: 1.99 (get it up just a bit higher!)

France: 1.94

UK: 1.89

Netherlands: 1.78

Norway: 1.76

Denmark: 1.73

Sweden: 1.67

Spain: 1.49

Switzerland: 1.49

Russia: 1.45

Germany: 1.44 (in deep trouble!)

Austria: 1.43

Italy: 1.43

Poland: 1.34

Check out the whole list here—fascinating!
For the year 2049 they estimate much more reasonable fertility rates, but I don’t see how they get there (perhaps just fabricated to make us all feel better).
Remember this guy?   He says they are coming not as workers to Germany, but as conquerors to breed with the European women as “Germany is old and decrepit!”

Dayton, OH mayor: Bring us some Syrian (Muslim) refugees! Congressman says NO way!

Dayton, Ohio mayor is one of the 18 we told you about here yesterday who wrote to Obama asking for a supply of Syrians for their cities.  They think more refugees are going to be an economic boon to failing Democrat-run cities.  The only boost in the economy I can see is from the federal welfare dollars that would flow from Washington (but Washington doesn’t grow money on trees, it all comes from us).  Heck, they can even get more HUD housing to be built by crony developers!

nan whaley
Whaley said the United Nations, Homeland Security and the State Department decide where to resettle refugee populations.

Turns out that the Democrat mayor is getting a tongue-lashing from the Republican Congressman, Rep. Mike Turner, whose district includes Dayton. (Some reports I read just now on Mayor Nan Whaley say she is planning a run for Congress.)  She may be looking for new reliably Democrat voters since the majority of Muslim refugees are voting for Democrats (see here).
Most of the Syrians (97% of those arriving in 2015) are UN-chosen Sunni Muslims.
Here is the news from the Dayton Daily News:

The Obama administration should accept more people fleeing war-torn Syria, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said Friday, adding the city is willing to be a landing spot to help resettle refugees.

Whaley and 17 other U.S. mayors sent a letter Thursday asking the president to increase the number of asylum-seekers America will take in.

She said Dayton is prepared to help the administration address the humanitarian crisis by welcoming refugees if they are placed here.

Mike Turner
Rep. Mike Turner: “I am adamantly opposed to Mayor Whaley’s call for the placement of these refugees in Dayton.”

“It’s a welcoming, open community, and that’s one of our core values,” she said. “Should they be placed here, we are happy to make sure they are successful.”

Congressman:  You, as a mayor, have no authority!

Interesting!  When a mayor of a refugee-overloaded city speaks up and tells the feds, ‘we can’t handle any more’ he or she is told to shut up and sit down, you have no authority (this is a federal program).  I’m thinking of the mayors of Amarillo, TX, Springfield and Lynn, Mass, and Manchester, NH who have begged for relief in recent years.
But, of course, when a mayor wants refugees to be brought in, then you can bet the Obama Administration (its US State Department) will be happy to defer to the wishes of the mayor.

However, U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Dayton, said Whaley does not have the authority to extend that invitation and warned refugees require significant resources and pose a national security risk.

“Mayor Whaley’s actions are outrageous and, for the second time, she has decided to speak on behalf of the Dayton area without authority and without considering the repercussions,” he said, referring to her willingness last year to accept unaccompanied migrant children arriving at the nation’s southern border.

Here is what I want to know from the mayor:  Have you run out of poor white and minority American citizens who need help in Dayton?  

As we learned from our data base research here, Dayton has not yet received Syrian refugees, but other Ohio cities (Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Westerville) have.
I’d like to know where Ohio Governor (2016 Presidential candidate) Kasich stands on this—with the mayor or with the Congressman?
By the way, as we focus on the Syrian Muslims, the US is admitting thousands of UN-chosen mostly Sunni Muslims from Somalia, Iraq, and yesterday we learned that thousands of Rohingya (Burmese Muslims) have either been resettled or are on the way.
The Hijra is well advanced.