Breaking: Ben Carson says a Muslim should not be President of the US; CAIR comes out with both barrels

Earlier this morning I happened to catch Ben Carson on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd and I was astounded that Carson very forcefully said that a Muslim should not be President because Islam was incompatible with the US Constitution.  I knew immediately that all hell was going to break loose for Carson.
Update:  Here is what Powerline blog says about Carson’s statement.  “He had better batten down the hatches.” Hat tip: Paul
Update #2:  I feel for you South Carolinians!  Lindsey Graham demands that Carson apologize to Muslims, here.  BTW, pundits on Fox this evening suggested that Carson’s remark was likely supported by 80% of the American public and would actually help his candidacy.
Update September 21:  Frank Gaffney at the Center for Security Policy agrees with Carson and explains why.  LOL! He suggests that Obama is actually doing everything a Muslim Prez. might do anyway!  Click here.
Update #2 on September 21:  Both Trump and Cruz hang Carson out to dry.  Click here to see what I think of Trump and Cruz tonight.
Update September 22:  Carson says a Muslim could be President if he rejects Sharia Law! Hang in there Ben!
Update September 27:  Carson vindicated with exploding favorability numbers.
Watch Carson answer here:
The same question was asked of Gov. John Kasich and he waffled all over the place.  Then CNN contributor, the GOP establishment water-carrier, Hugh Hewitt*** jumped in to criticize Carson saying there shouldn’t be a religious test, demonstrating Hewitt’s ignorance about Islam.  Islam is a complete political system inseparable from the ‘religious’ aspects of the ‘faith.’
Now we see that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is all over Carson for daring to utter such a politically incorrect opinion.

Take action!

Even if Carson is not your #1 choice for the 2016 nomination, you must right now go to facebook, twitter, and your e-mail lists and drum up support for Carson and an opinion that readers here share.  Push back the inevitable Left wing trashers who are probably already at work kissing up to CAIR and calling for Carson to get out of the race!

By the way, earlier in the program Todd asked Trump about the Muslim incident in New Hampshire last week, where an audience member questioned Obama’s ‘faith,’ and Trump said it wasn’t his job to defend the President, implying that the President was big boy and could take care of himself.  Besides, he went on to say, I doubt Obama is going to defend me when someone at a public event says something about me that I don’t like.
You can reach the Carson campaign at twitter (@realBenCarson) and here at his website.  Send him a message and ask that he stand firm!
***See what Breitbart said about Hewitt here earlier this past week.

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