St. Louis Presbyterian pastor: Send 60,000 Syrians to St. Louis! We love Arabs

I’m sorry I can’t seem to break away from this topic today—65,000! mostly Muslim Syrians (or more) may be on the way to the US—and all sorts are piling on the bandwagon in support of this insanity!  We just told you about Martin O’Malley and now here is a Presbyterian pastor from St. Louis explaining how the city is ruled by an Arab-American dynasty and so it is the perfect place to send 60,000 Syrians now!

Pastor Greg Johnson we are told lives alone with his two pet cats (Leela the Toyger and Sox), so surely he could take at least two or three Syrian families into his home.

I wondered if he was mistakenly thinking that the US State Department is saving Syrian Christians when they aren’t.  But, you will see it is the Muslims he is welcoming to town!
From Pastor Greg Johnson at Nextstl:

Send them to St. Louis.

We can take at least 60,000.

Our mayor, Francis G. Slay, is an Arab American. His grandfather Joseph R. Slay was born in Ottoman Greater Syria, in an area now part of Lebanon…..  [Based on wikipedia information, Slay is a Christian Syrian.  I wonder does he really want 60,000 Syrian Sunni Muslims in St. Louis—ed]


That’s an Arab American dynasty ruling St. Louis.

We were doing diversity before the coasts decided it was cool.

And we have a history of welcoming Moslems, too. Twenty years ago, tiny little St. Louis City — the core of a much larger metro area — took in around 60,000 Bosnian refugees. Like the Syrians, they were fleeing civil war and sectarian violence. Like the Syrians, most were Moslems. Like the Syrians, many could speak no English. Like the Syrians, they were an entrepreneurial people, hard working, often educated. Like the Syrians, they wanted a new start. With support from amazing institutions like the International Institute,*** 60,000 Bosnians made their way to St. Louis.

And we love them.

You’ve probably seen all the hoopla about Icelanders saying they will take 16,000 Syrians into their homes.  I do hope to see that happen and I sure hope the Icelandic government calls their bluff and demands that all the volunteers pay for the entire resettlement—the refugees’ food, clothing, medical, schooling etc.—without dipping into taxpayer funded programs.    I expect to see St. Louis Pastor Greg Johnson do the same.
***We have written about the International Institute and Bosnians, here.  It is a subcontractor of USCRI (Lavinia Limon) and it wants to make St. Louis the fastest growing immigrant community in America by 2020.

Martin O'Malley on the bandwagon: US should take 65,000 Syrians in 2016

Martin O'Malley
As Mayor of Baltimore, O’Malley encouraged diversity as thousands of impoverished refugees were deposited there among Baltimore’s American minority poor.

It has really been an unbelievable thing to watch—how Leftist politicians the world over are falling all over themselves to invite mostly Muslim Syrians (no mention of the persecuted Christians by O’Malley, or any of them for that matter!) to permanently move into western countries and American communities.
Here (at CNN) former Open Borders Governor of Maryland and 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley sings the 65,000 Syrians song.  He was moved he said by the now discredited propaganda story of the dead toddler on the beach (facts be damned!).

Washington (CNN) Martin O’Malley wants the U.S. to welcome at least 65,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016.

“I support the call from humanitarian and refugee organizations for the United States to accept at least 65,000 Syrian refugees next year,” he said in a statement Friday. “If Germany — a country with one-fourth our population — can accept 800,000 refugees this year, certainly we — the nation of immigrants and refugees — can do more.”

Syrian refugees are flooding Europe following the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrians due to ethnic violence in the Middle East. The migrant crisis has engulfed Europe, leading many to ask whether the U.S. would take refugees from the continued fighting in Syria.

O’Malley said the number of refugees the U.S. is scheduled to accept next year is insufficient.

Amazing to watch.  All reason is thrown to the wind. I always wonder if there were Romans who saw the fall of Rome on the horizon.

Rush Limbaugh on European refugee crisis and Syrians to the US

Limbaugh on European borders:  “[I]dealist leftist head-in-the-sand goofballs opened their borders long ago….”
And, now they are in a terrible migration crisis that Limbaugh called an “invasion” yesterday.
rush limbaugh
Here is a small snip from the transcript of Rush’s show (emphasis mine):

So now the same kind of idealist leftist head-in-the-sand goofballs opened their borders long ago, political correctness overwhelmed them, they became possessed with the same kind of guilt that leftists in this country have, and so now there is no Great Britain in terms of cultural identity. France is on the way to losing its. All of these European nations are, because all they have to do is cross one border, these refugees, these migrants, and that isn’t that hard if you’re doing it in Greece or Italy where the controls are not all that hot to trot to begin with. And once you’re there, you can flood any nation in Europe that you want, which they’re doing.

You have these leftist, socialist leaders in all these countries saying that we have no right to say that we are any better than they are. We have no right to say that our culture is superior to theirs. We have no right. We have no right. And so they’re being overrun, and they’re being overrun for a host of reasons: economic, some of it is strategic, some of it’s being promoted by militant Islamist leaders who are on the path of creating a giant caliphate in Europe.

It’s serious, serious stuff. And the one thing, the one thing that has protected the United States from this kind of thing is these two oceans. It’s very hard for these refugees to flood this country, compared to flooding Europe, because they’ve gotta get over an ocean one way or the other, unless they end up in Central America. That’s our one vulnerability, and who is not doing anything about that, per se? That’s right. The Obama administration.

So what is needed in things like this is absolute policy solutions and people capable of coming up with them. Instead, one of the things that’s happening right now all over Washington, dweeb after dweeb after dweeb is dreaming of being the guy that takes Trump out. All kinds of people are trying to figure out a way to do it, to expose Trump for the fraud that he is. Meanwhile, our current administration, our current leadership has put this country at greater risk than we have been in since World War II, folks.

Rush has the number wrong.  It isn’t 300,000 Syrians coming to the US (yet), but at least 13 million listeners (or whatever his audience size is!) know that Syrian (mostly Muslim) resettlement is in the plan for your towns.

Stop and think, folks: No passport. Once you get past Italy or Greece, you’re free to go anywhere that is the European Union. Show your passport one time. Well, you know how easy it is to get in. You swarm the border, you mob the border. Look how easy it is to get through our southern border. And Obama, by the way, is taking care of the problem. Obama’s fixing it. Obama is importing Syrian refugees.

I don’t know how many people are aware of this, but we are taking a certain number of Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees in record numbers now, by presidential directive. They are being allowed entry. We’re bringing them here. We’re actually flying them here ourselves and then we are positioning them all over the country when we get them here.

We’re choosing where they live. I think in the case of Syrian refugees, there’s a number floating around my head of 300,000. I don’t know over what time period that is, 70 to 300 thousand.

As we have been reporting every day lately, the push is on to pressure Obama to admit 65,000 Syrians by the end of 2016Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (a federal resettlement contractor being paid by the head to bring refugees to your town) yesterday upped the demand to 100,000 Syrians in an overall refugee admissions number of 200,000 (approximately 70,000 third worlders have been admitted to the US by the Obama Administration  in each recent year).  And, as we have chronicled for years on these pages, even 70,000 is too large a number for communities and welfare systems to absorb!
Obama will be making a decision this month when he sends his “Determination Letter” to Congress (just about the same time the Pope visits Washington!).  The NYT hints that an announcement may come at that time.
We are adding this post to our lengthy ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive, here.

NY Times notices Senate "jihadi caucus" promoting large scale Syrian resettlement

I love it!  Apparently we did have an impact by getting a response out quickly when 14 US Senators we dubbed the “Jihad Caucus” wrote to Obama demanding he open America’s doors to 65,000! (mostly Muslim) Syrians.

Amy Klobuchar
Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is a member in good standing to the Senate Jihad Caucus promoting the resettlement of 65,000 (mostly Muslim!) Syrians to the US in 2016!

Here is the NY Times yesterday, but of course they don’t link where they got that phrase (“jihadi caucus”) here, and they don’t mention who the critics are or quote any of us!  Why? I believe it is because the NYT doesn’t want more Americans to find us!:

WASHINGTON — In late spring, with the war in Syria grinding into its fifth year amid an ever-deepening humanitarian catastrophe for millions of refugees, 14 United States senators wrote a letter to President Obama urging that at least 65,000 of the displaced Syrians be allowed to resettle in the United States.

Critics denounced the idea, saying it would open the nation’s borders to potential terrorists, and some even branded the authors of the letter as the “jihadi caucus.”

Uh! Oh!  Watch for Obama announcement when Pope is in town (September 23rd!).  Remember this Pope effectively invited the invaders to Italy, here. Remind me! How many are housed at the Vatican? And, one of the nine major resettlement contractors is the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Within the Obama administration there has been intense discussion about additional action, including the possibility of a major announcement tied to Pope Francis’ visit to Washington this month. But beyond providing additional funds, experts on refugee issues say, the United States’ options are limited.

No mention that it was the Refugee Council USA that got that letter put together and are mentioned in it.  RCUSA is the contractors’ lobbying arm in Washington.  Klobuchar talks like it was something she thought of all by herself.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota, who signed the letter urging Mr. Obama to accept more Syrian refugees, said there was little attention then, other than from critics, but that the photographs of recent days seemed to raise awareness.


Eric P. Schwartz, a former assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration, who is now dean of the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, said presidential leadership would help drive public response.


Increasing the number of Syrians granted asylum by 50,000 on an emergency basis would also help, he said, by sending “an extremely powerful signal to Europe and to the world.”

Schwartz, also a protege’ of George Soros is Anne Richard’s predecessor and was Obama’s first pick to head the refugee effort in the US State Department when he took office in 2009.  You can learn all about “one-worlder” Schwartz by clicking here.
So, not surprisingly, the NYT reporter, , has interviewed a tight little circle, all of whom are orchestrating the push to admit 65,000 Syrians to the US, but quotes none of the critics—typical!
Below for your amusement are the 14 Members of the Senate Jihad Caucus led by Senators Dick Durban (D-IL) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN):

Al Franken (D-MN)

Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

Patty Murray (D-WA)

Robert Menendez (D-NJ)

Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

Christopher Coons (D-DE)  LOL! Delaware hasn’t taken a refugee in a couple of years!

Tim Kaine (D-VA)

Edward Markey (D-MA)

Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

Mazie Hirono (D-HI)  LOL! Last I looked Hawaii took a whole 7 refugees last year!


LA Times story: US not doing enough for refugees, but look what creeps in at the end (a warning!)

O.K. So the news story entitled, ‘U.S. response to refugee crisis is nowhere near that of Europe,’ starts out just like what you would expect from the LA Times carrying the water for the open borders Leftists who complain that the US is not acting fast enough to bring in tens of thousands of mostly Muslim Syrian refugees.  Blah! Blah! Blah!
But, then check out the last few paragraphs as a warning creeps in from a Professor, Jeffrey Bale, of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey.  I am heartened to know that there are professors like Bale in academia, and that mainstream media publications are quoting him!

Security concerns with refugees are legitimate!

We know that, but do readers of this LA Times story know it?  Here is what reporter, Carol J. Williams, has helpfully added at the end of her story (for readers who get that far!):

Some scholars of terrorism chafe at the criticism that the U.S. doesn’t do enough to help refugees from the Middle East’s caldron of conflicts.

“I don’t really agree with the premise that the U.S. is somehow being unresponsive,” said Jeffrey Bale, a professor of nonproliferation and counter-terrorism at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey. “On the contrary, the refugee resettlement program in the U.S. has already taken in hundreds of thousands of Somalis and a significant number of Iraqis, and is now recommending taking in tens of thousands of Syrians, even though those Somali refugees have since created lots of problems.”  [By the way, we have admitted almost 150,000 Iraqis since Bush’s last year in office and at least two thirds of them are Muslim Iraqis—ed]

He was referring to increased crime rates and welfare dependency, as well as security threats posed by inadequate vetting of migrants to prevent Islamic extremists from gaining entry to the United States and other Western countries.

Why aren’t rich Arab gulf states taking refugees, why are these refugees the responsibility of the West?

“Nor do I believe that it is mainly the responsibility of Western countries to resolve the refugee problems in non-Western parts of the world marked by war, other kinds of violence, poverty and disease. Why don’t the wealthy Arab gulf states, which are awash in oil money, take in tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of these Muslim refugees? Or why don’t nearby Muslim countries put pressure on [Syrian President Bashar Assad’s] regime or take military action against jihadist groups, actions which might significantly reduce the number of internal and external refugees in the first place?”

Go here and watch Professor Bale talk about the woeful lack of understanding by our security analysts of the apocalyptic ideology of Islam especially as it relates to the Islamic State.  The Islamists are telling us exactly who they are and what they want, why don’t we listen?