Babin Bill to suspend Refugee Admissions Program has 74 co-sponsors as they get on board after Paris

brian babinRep. Brian Babin (R-TX) first proposed his bill, here, last summer.  Events in Paris over the weekend on top of news accounts generally of the European invasion by Middle Eastern and African migrants have resulted in increased attention to the measure.
Go here for a list of co-sponsors of HR 3314.
Is your member on the bill yet?
Time is of the essence as the Federation for American Immigration Reform tells us this (click here):

Even though the Babin approach is the only way to ensure that our refugee program will not be exploited, House GOP leadership appears to be taking a different approach. Instead, they have scheduled a vote TOMORROW on a flawed bill that will do absolutely nothing to stop or defund refugee resettlement. Authored by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC), the bill merely calls for the administration to certify that any refugees brought here from Iraq and Syria are not terrorists.

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