New UN High Commissioner for Refugees has been chosen

For the last 8 years we’ve been telling you about Antonio Guterres, the hardcore Socialist and Islamic apologist who was the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, but he is out now as his ten-year tenure came to a close in November.

Fillipo Grandi
Fillipo Grandi replaces Guterres.

The new man, who will be responsible for choosing refugees that arrive in your home town, is an Italian.  I have no time today to check into his background, but will in the coming days and weeks.  However, be sure you start focusing on him because he is in charge of determining America’s future as he chooses refugees headed to the US.
The story is here at Deutsche Welle:

Italian Filippo Grandi is the new face of the UN refugee agency UNHCR. Despite the biggest refugee crisis since World War II, his organization is grappling with a chronic lack of funds.

At this point in time, it’s hard to imagine someone assuming a more difficult job: Italian Filippo Grandi is the new head of 9,300-odd employees in around 123 countries. But even more impressive than that kind of responsibility for staff is his mandate. [I wonder what percentage of this workforce you pay for!—ed]

As United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Grandi is tasked with ensuring the safety and survival of refugees worldwide. According to preliminary calculations, the number of displaced persons has reached a new high in 2015, with more than 60 million people driven from their homes.

What do you notice about this graphic?  The vast majority of refugees in the world have been created by Islamic violence.
World refugee graph
I’m glad I read to the end because it’s this last line you should be worried about!

…UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon selected Grandi in mid-November. The Italian has now assumed one of the key posts within the UN hierarchy. His predecessor, Guterres, is now regarded as a promising candidate for the post of Secretary General.

We have many many posts at RRW on Guterres, go here to see them all.  One of my all-time favorites is this one where Guterres credits Sharia law (not Judeo-Christian charity) for creating a refugee tradition throughout history. So then let the Muslim countries take care of their own refugees!

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