Danish message to migrants: we eat pork!

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Of course we have all heard of Danish ham, right?  Well, one city in Denmark wants to be sure a major export stays on the menu for the Danish people as mass migration from Muslim countries threatens to wipe out European traditions.
And, it sounds like those Danish Lutherans have more guts than the American ones.  (For new readers, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services is a major resettlement agency for Muslims in America. See here.)
From Carbonated TV:

Pork, along with alcohol, gambling and adultery, is one of most strictly prohibited things for both Muslims and Jews.

Islami coming to Denmark
Let the Pork Wars begin!

However, following the influx of refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East, a city in Denmark has ordered the popular meat to be compulsory on all menus in public domain. Considering the majority of asylum-seekers entering the European country follow Islam, it is hard to believe that the new regulation has nothing to do with Muslims — even if the officials insist it’s not.

The council members in Randers, a principally Lutheran city, narrowly approved the law first proposed by the populist Danish People’s Party that is quite renowned for its anti-immigration stance. The officials are adamant that the move is necessary to preserve the Danish food tradition and is not an attack on Muslims.

Council member Frank Noergaard said the new rule wasn’t supposed to be taken as “harassment of Muslims,” but he also noted that they had received “several complaints about too many concessions” being made to Muslims in the country.

“The signal we want to send here is that if you’re a Muslim and you plan to come to Randers, don’t expect you can impose eating habits on others. Pork here is on an equal footing with other food,” he told the Associated Press, adding that food items permissible in Islam would still be available on the municipal menus.

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