Too funny! 'Refugees' not finding Germany to their liking and want to go home!

Invasion of Europe news….
Just as US federal refugee resettlement contractors are gearing up their massive PR campaign that America should embrace a hundred thousand Syrians and bring them to your towns, thousands of those (supposedly seeking asylum) who flooded into Germany in the last year want to go home!
Why? To put it simply:  Not enough welfare goodies and culture shock (“open attitudes” about sex).  So much for fear of war.

Merkel Iraqi thank you
In this story (burly fighting age) Iraqis are getting ready to make their move to Germany. One of the best things the EU could do (to save itself) is to craft a PR campaign to be broadcast in the Middle East and N. Africa featuring unhappy “refugees” who say they are sorry they came and want to go home!

Be sure to see a post we wrote last August where a Syrian American says that many of those fleeing Syria see Europe as El Dorado (a mythical city of gold) and don’t want to be left out of the gold rush.
The Wall Street Journal has a really good story yesterday:

BERLIN—In October, Amer sold all his belongings in Syria and took his family to a safer life in Germany. Four months later, he wants to return to a country still at war.

Once in Germany, Amer discovered an unexpected reality: Instead of the small house he was hoping for and money to help him open a business, he was given a bare room in an old administrative building turned into an emergency shelter. Now he is packing his bags again.

“I came to Germany because everyone was saying it was heaven. Now I regret that decision,” said the 30-year-old from Damascus.


But many who arrive find the country doesn’t match their often inflated expectations. They balk at modest benefits, poor job prospects, and harsh treatment at immigration offices, and voice other complaints ranging from bland food to Germans’ open attitudes about sex.

The Merkel myth about jobs, just that, a myth (or, how the greedy globalists are destroying western civilization).

Ms. Merkel has said the best path to integration is through work, but most migrants face a long road from the cots of emergency shelters to finding housing and employment.

Economists have warned that migrants with low skills, like Amer, stand little chance of ever finding jobs. While some political leaders say the new migrants will help offset a dearth of German workers in the future, critics say they could become a long-term burden on German taxpayers.

Read it all.
Maybe the fighting back home isn’t so bad after all!
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