350 refugees a day entering US (less than three weeks in to the fiscal year); Texas is numero uno!

And at that rate we will have admitted 32,900 by Inauguration Day in January.  In that 350 a day stream are 47 Syrians (for a total of 852 so far).
Of the total (6,328) admitted in the last 18 days, 2,874 (45%) are some form of Muslim.
Of the 852 Syrians admitted, 837 (98%) are Muslims (mostly Sunni Muslims).

Texas tops the list by far!

This once more demonstrates that the governor, although apparently determined, has little power to slow the flow. In fact, I think the feds are shoving it down the throats of ‘unwelcoming’ governors, see Indiana below. Pence’s IN is not usually so high on the resettlement list.

Who has the power to slow the flow? Many members of the Texas Congressional delegation have the power if they wished to use it!

(Turning a red state blue with migrant colonists! How did it happen that Texas’s political leaders never saw this coming?)
Map from the Refugee Processing Center shows where the 6,328 refugees have been distributed in first 18 days of Fiscal year 2017. (Hawaii is 3).

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