Correcting fake news! Mary, Joseph and Jesus were not refugees!

Have you seen the meme—the one that the refugee industry has been blasting all over social media—to guilt-trip good-hearted people into welcoming Syrian Muslims*** to America?  It is maddening!

Here is what I said on twitter when Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which is being paid (by the head) by the US taxpayer to resettle Syrians to your towns, spread fake news (on twitter) about Jesus!

Here is a good article at the Daily Wire debunking the purposeful misreading of the New Testament:

Every December, as millions celebrate the birth of Christ, a bevy of people who know absolutely nothing about the New Testament try their dead-level best to trap Christians in a hypocrisy trap. Memes and quotes spread across social media like a virus, claiming the story of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus is analogous to the Syrian refugee crisis…


A healthy debate about the Syrian refugee crisis is perfectly acceptable and necessary, however, it is in no way analogous to the story of the birth of Christ. Let us count the ways.


Mary and Joseph were returning home for a government-mandated census.

Continue reading here.
***98% of all Syrians being admitted to the US are not the persecuted Christians, but are mostly Sunni Muslims.

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