CIS: More on the Australian "dumb deal;" 'refugee' deal gets dumber by the day!

Nayla Rush at the Center for Immigration Studies has done us all a great service by pulling all the threads together on the “dumb deal” that could see the US taking over 1,000 ‘refugees’ that Australia does not want to take to its mainland.
Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily summarizes the key points and adds some comments by me and others:

According to a new report, President Trump is moving forward with a deal made by the Obama administration to resettle illegal-immigrant boat people whom Australia will not accept as “refugees” even though they have been classified as such by the United Nations.

The Trump administration is reportedly preparing to implement the deal with Australia. Under the terms, the U.S. will accept hundreds of unwanted Muslims rejected for asylum by the Aussies in return for several thousand Central American refugees awaiting resettlement at a U.N. camp in Costa Rica.

The deal was negotiated last summer by Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry. And Trump famously tweeted that he was going to study the “dumb deal” before accepting it.


Now, Trump is reported to be moving forward with the deal.

There’s only one problem, say refugee watchdogs.

These really aren’t refugees at all. They are illegal aliens who tried to sneak into Australia, were interdicted at sea and taken to an off-shore detention center in Papua New Guinea. They migrated from some of the world’s worst jihadist strongholds – in Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Iran and Iraq.

The process of resettling these refugees, mostly men, is “well underway,” immigration analyst Nayla Rush reports for the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies.

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) referred for resettlement in the United States over 850 detainees who were granted refugee status,” Rush writes. “Those could be admitted by the end of October, after undergoing ‘extreme vetting.’ But, no matter how ‘extreme’ or dependable the vetting (and the data U.S. officials use to screen these refugees is transmitted from a private refugee-resettlement contractor), the question remains: Why resettle Australia’s unwanted refugees in the United States?”

Rush highlights that these “refugees” are, for the most part, from countries which the Trump administration is trying to ban travel.

“Most also suffer from serious mental health issues, are not keen on coming to the United States to begin with (Australia was and still is their preferred destination), and are likely to have nothing but disdain for President Trump,” she reports.

Continue here, and read Rush’s full report here it is loaded with more details on the “deal.” She has a follow-up here. See the role one of the nine federal refugee contractors is playing.

The CIS report is so loaded with nuggets of information, don’t be surprised to see me write about it again in coming days.

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