Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society urges followers to take to the streets in wake of Supreme Court decision

The Trump Administration has been an unrelenting 17 month assault against America’s values as a nation welcoming of immigrants and refugees.

(Mark Hetfield, CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)

You all know what happened in the Supreme Court yesterday.  In a nutshell, the court affirmed that the President of the US has the power to limit immigration.
However, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society one of the primary groups that sued the Administration from day one about the so-called Muslim ban isn’t giving up and is urging its followers to participate in anti-Trump rallies coordinated by Linda Sarsour’s group MPower!

cws protest at WH 2
That is HIAS ‘Refugees Welcome’ banner as they protested with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) against the President in January of this year.   https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2018/01/28/church-world-service-and-hias-join-cair-to-protest-at-white-house/

Sure, they should have free speech, but not on the taxpayer’s dime!

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) is one of nine federal contractors that the feds pay to place refugees in your towns and cities and it has been my contention that federal refugee contractors should be constrained, maybe not by law, but they should at least use good judgement and refrain from virulent name-calling and public protests against those who pay their salaries—us!
Of course Congress could cut them off the federal gravy train!
Here is what Mark Hetfield, CEO of HIAS, said in an e-mail alert to followers yesterday:
Screenshot (535)
HIAS letter Hetfield
(Since that is a screenshot above, the links are not hot.)
I wanted to know who was organizing the rallies.
It is MPower Change—Muslim Grassroots Movement headed by Linda Sarsour!
Sarsour the team
Here is their rally schedule, most were yesterday. Did you even see any where you live?
And this is Mark Hetfield’s comment on the decision:

“The Muslim Ban is not simply an exercise in executive authority, it’s the Trump Administration’s official license to discriminate on the basis of religion and nationality.

HIAS is disappointed in the Supreme Court’s affirmation of these policies of religious discrimination, fear and tribalism, which have permeated nearly every aspect of America’s tradition of welcome. From the crackdown on people legally seeking asylum to the dramatic diminishment of the life-saving refugee resettlement program, the Trump Administration has been an unrelenting 17 month assault against America’s values as a nation welcoming of immigrants and refugees.

“As one of the first organizations to challenge the refugee and Muslim bans in court last year, HIAS will continue to work with local partners and the Jewish community to uphold the legacy of what America can and should be as a country.

Together, we will continue fighting to ensure that this period is merely another short, dark chapter temporarily interrupting America’s history as a nation that accepts people without judging them by faith or national origin. HIAS and the American Jewish community have seen such discrimination trap members of our own community, and we will not stand by silently as it happens to others.”

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society would be a mere shell of its former self if its federal funding dried up.
From HIAS 2016 Form 990:

HIAS form 990 2016
HIAS recieves 59% of its revenue from you, the taxpayer!

It is maddening to consider that we pay a large portion of these salaries! (Not as bad as Southwest Key or the International Rescue Committee, but still outrageous considering this bunch below are in-your-face political agitators working with Islamic supremacists like Sarsour!).
HIAS form 990 salaries
Doing well by doing good!

Go here to see if HIAS is placing refugees where you live.

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