CIS: Refugees (including SE Asians) are Expensive for US Taxpayers!

Refugees entering the US as adults cost $133,000 each!

The Center for Immigration Studies has taken a first stab at countering the glowing ‘economic’ studies being spread around by the likes of Michael Bloomberg’s New American Economy, or that gang of community organizers at Welcoming America about how refugees are a boon to economically foundering cities.

Here are the first few paragraphs of the CIS study:

No Free Lunch for Taxpayers

Advocates of expanding the number of refugees admitted to the United States have lately portrayed their position as a win-win — refugee resettlement not only assists the refugees themselves, it also allegedly improves our nation’s fiscal health. The fiscal claim is unsupportable.

Although refugees from earlier generations were often well educated, today’s refugees have fewer than nine years of schooling on average.

Because of their low earning power and immediate access to welfare benefits, recent refugees cost the government substantially more than they contribute in taxes, even over the long term.

Our best estimate of the average refugee’s lifetime fiscal cost, expressed as a net present value, is $60,000, with those entering as adults (ages 25 to 64) costing $133,000 each.

Perhaps this is a price that the United States should be willing to pay to further its humanitarian goals. However, resettlement in the United States may not be the most cost-effective means of aiding displaced people.

Read it all here.

I think you will see some cost items that were not considered including costs that may have been shifted by the federal government to state and local tax payers.

460,000 Southeast Asian Refugees Living in Poverty in US!

To illustrate the general point, that refugees are not contributing in any great way, and are not revitalizing cities,  but are costing us a bundle (and not just financially, but socially) as they struggle with poverty in America, see this report with a politically-incorrect title from NBC!

But, keep in mind that those pushing the report want even more taxpayer dollars spent on the Southeast Asian refugee ‘community.’

Largest U.S. refugee group struggling with poverty 45 years after resettlement

It’s been 45 years since thousands of Southeast Asian refugees settled in the United States, yet, as a group, they continue to face major socioeconomic challenges that have long been masked under the “model minority myth,” which portrays all Asian Americans as successful, according to a new report.

California Hmong mourning deaths of some of their young people killed in apparent gang wars. Crime is rampant in their ‘community.’

The report, Southeast Asian American Journeys, A National Snapshot of Our Communities,” released last week, illustrates the experience of the community, from its migration to the U.S. to the present day.

One of the key findings is that across the country, nearly 1.1 million Southeast Asian Americans are low-income, and about 460,000 live in poverty. Hmong Americans fare worst compared to all racial groups across multiple measures of income.

Read it all.  So much for the magic melting pot mythology.  And, each and every one cost the US taxpayers a bundle—and they are still costing us 45 years later!


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