Lutheran Refugee Agency Blasts Trump (again) Over Proposed Immigration Ban

In their usual knee-jerk response, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service came right out of the box on Monday (before anything is even on paper) to blast the President over a reportedly non-existent ban on immigration to America during the Chinese virus crisis.

Never mind that the President’s draft plan is pablum (see my comments at Frauds and Crooks earlier).  You would think by now the President should know that walking down the middle on an issue of great importance—in my view the most important issue for the future of America—he would understand that the middle of the road means you are road kill (targeted for death from both sides).

He is getting it from the Right and from the Left on the immigration ban issue.

Here are the Lutherans, from Relevant:

[By the way, if you think this group is financially suffering during the Trump years, you are wrong. The ‘religious’ charity which is 85-90% federally funded is doing just fine.  See here. It is insane that you pay their salaries as they denigrate the President and us!]

Lutheran Group Has Condemned Trump’s Plan to Suspend Immigration During the Pandemic

Krish O’Mara Vignarajah is a former staffer of Michelle Obama

One group pushing back is the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which called on the White House to continue to welcome asylum seekers and refugees during the pandemic. “America has always been able to respond to crises while upholding its obligations to the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers,” wrote LIRS President Krish O’Mara Vignarajah. “How can we shut our borders at the same time as our leaders openly encourage protests and the reopening of businesses like gyms and bowling alleys? To imply that immigrants are a threat to the vibrance and prosperity of America’s workforce is a xenophobic talking point — proven false time and time again.”

Ho hum, what else would you expect. Free speech, right!

She can blast the Prez all she wants on her private dime. The maddening thing is that you, the taxpayers of America, pay her salary. Three years ago Trump should have figured out how to shut down their funding.

By the way, I expect some of you are reading this now and saying—well who the heck are you going to vote for other than Trump?

Of course there is no question I still support the President, but Trump and all politicians need to know that in order to have an energized base they need to take strong positions—no one is going to go out and knock themselves out campaigning for middle-of-the-roaders.


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4 thoughts on “Lutheran Refugee Agency Blasts Trump (again) Over Proposed Immigration Ban

  1. We have enough problems without bringing in more refugees. We have homeless families,hungry children,veterans that don’t get the medical and mental attention they need. Those organizations are just interested in the money they receive and it needs to go to citizens. They don’t respect our constitution, some are criminals. I’m very upset that our Governor has asked for more refugees in Oklahoma, I’ve also written him.

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