Maine: Former Governor and Immigration Hardliner to Run Again in 2022

He’s baaack!

Governor Paul LePage once quipped: “I was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular!”


The Republican Governor who attempted to stem the flow of Maine taxpayer- funded welfare to literally the world says he will run again in 2022.  If he wins it would end 4 years of Democrat control of a state trending blue in recent years.

Here is the news at Breitbart:

‘Working People Vote Republican’: Former Gov. Paul LePage Launches Comeback Bid in Maine

Former Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) announced Monday that he would run once again in 2022 as he seeks to serve as the state’s governor, a role he previously held for two terms.

LePage said in a campaign announcement:

Today I am officially starting my campaign for Governor of Maine. Maine faces several challenges and we must work toward building a better future based on individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and an economy which empowers everyone including our rural communities.

“We simply cannot continue to look to Washington, DC for bailouts, subsidies, or leadership,” he added. “We must ensure Maine is a great place to raise a family for generations to come, for all Mainers regardless of background.”

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And, then take a trip down memory lane to see the many posts I’ve written on the irascible Paul LePage.

I have an extensive category on Maine, click here.  Lewiston, the Somali capital of New England, has been a favorite topic.

And here is one of my top posts of all time.  From 2009:

Somali Migration to Maine: it’s the welfare magnet, stupid

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2 thoughts on “Maine: Former Governor and Immigration Hardliner to Run Again in 2022

  1. >Somali Migration to Maine: it’s the welfare magnet, stupid

    This reminded me of your recent post mentioning the Montana editorial lobbying for refugees to come to Billings MT — it was written by a guy whose non-profit has ostensibly been trying to reduce blight and poverty in Billings — and now he wants to import more of it from the 3rd world.

    Stories have been circulating in Europe for a few years re how it is a LOT cheaper (for Europeans) to help ‘refugees’ closer to their home countries, e.g. with safe camps in north Africa — Denmark has been the most aggressive about this:

    Note the foto showing what I assume are migrants in DK: only young men — there was an academic study published in Germany not long ago that used data from the Swedish government to show that in some age brackets Sweden now has a male:female sex ratio imbalance worse than some countries that practice female infanticide/selective abortion (e.g. India, China) — this is due not only to the prevalence of males among refugees generally (‘more male than the US military’ as someone said in 2015), but also among so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ — I read 90% of ‘unaccompanied minors’ in Sweden are male — it’s similar in other EU countries.

    Of course the EU opposes this:

    It’s not a surprise that DK is advocating this — they are a small country population-wise, and would be very quickly destroyed demographically by current asylum numbers and practice.

    Ireland is also small, but things are looking much worse for them — if you want to visit Ireland, do it soon — the way things are going, Ireland will be demographically destroyed by 2050.

    Here is a tweet that shows starkly the problem Europe is facing:

    [It’s impossible to walk around in a major European city without having an occasion or two to think about this.

    Europeans may not be interested in what Sailer called “the world’s most important graph,” but the world’s most important graph is certainly interested in them.]

    The UN projects tremendous population growth in Africa this century — this will produce equally enormous migration pressure on Europe — even absorbing, say, 5% of the growth (I’ve seen people suggest this) would mean roughly 200 million Africans migrating to Europe — that’s approx equal to the populations of Germany, France, and Italy combined — of course that would destroy Europe as it’s known today, and would not help Africa at all.

    It’s all insane.

    1. You should be writing a blog specifically on the Invasion of Europe. It is something I have been writing about for more than a decade here at RRW, but I believe the majority of my readers want to know more about what is happening in their own US neighborhoods. I’m about to write a post this a.m. for my ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive.

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