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Friends who know me well will groan when they hear I have some ideas after working out on the farm, driving the tractor, whatever.    It must be something about the combination of fresh air and mindless work, but I do my thinking then and its gotten me into many a project I wish I could get out of….

Anyway,  I thought about blogging this morning and my comments now result from my vast experience after 5 weeks of doing it.  (I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into it!)   It strikes me that it’s time for blogging to enter a new phase.   From my limited view it seems that many of the blogs I read and enjoy and learn from take news stories and evaluate them with new twists,  often adding much more information so the reader understands the full context.  People who comment are amusing, controversial, and insightful.  And, that is good and should continue.

However, I’m thinking this morning as I killed weeds,  there needs to be a new generation.  If we are to advance our conservative concerns about Islam and immigration for example, we need experts in every aspect of the work.   For literally generations we have relied on the mainstream media to do this work, but as we all know they have failed miserably.  Investigative journalism is virtually dead.

I can think of six focused areas right off the top of my head that someone could blog on, become an expert, and help advance our political concerns by encouraging citizen involvement based on knowledge of the issue.

Here is just one of those areas:  leftwing foundations.  Years ago I ran into the power brokers behind the environmental movement:  the likes of the Rockefeller Bros. Fund, Pew Charitable Trust, MacArthur Foundation, etc. on the subject of property rights (they were working against landowners).   They are responsible for the ‘greening of the churches’ too.   You know they are likely deeply involved in the immigration issue as well,  and not from our perspective.  Just yesterday the Washington Post ran a story,  “A Mexican Towns Clay Residents”, about an artist who is re-populating his town with clay figures to make a point about how many townspeople have left for the US.  The project is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and you can bet it isn’t to prod the Mexican government into doing something!

I’ve digressed, my point is, we need people to develop focused blogs where one does original research and makes the results known to us all, and guides us to the action that needs to be taken.  This is the goal I’m aiming for at Refugee Resettlement Watch.  I hope by bringing the facts to you, as I see them, that the Refugee Resettlement program of the US government will be reformed.    I know it sounds trite, but knowledge is power! 

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