The message of the Good Samaritan

 Your tax dollars:

During the recent controversy about Refugee Resettlement in Hagerstown, MD a writer to the Herald-Mail, the local newspaper, remarked that afterall the good Samaritan didn’t leave the wounded traveler on the taxpayers’ doorstep but  paid for his care from his own pocket.    That is something to remember as you begin to ask questions about the role, as government contractors, of non-profit church groups involved in Refugee Resettlement.     They will be ready and eager to make you feel quilty as hell for even asking questions; don’t be! 

 The Good Samaritan story is used very effectively here, at VDare, to illustrate one of the lucrative special deals the church groups have worked out with the federal government.    It is entitled, The Bad Samaritan: The Episcopal Migration Ministries by Thomas Allen and it outlines the little deal where the churches get a cut of any airfare loans they can collect from the refugees.  I think they call this ‘doing well by doing good ‘(or something like that!)

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