Homeowner exonerated in Kentucky refugee shooting

Here is the latest chapter in the story of the shooting death of a Bosnian teen, from a refugee family resettled in Kentucky.   We reported in April that the 15-year-old was shot while attempting to break into the home of Jeff Maquire.  Maguire shot the boy in the head after being awakened by the sound of breaking glass.  Hat tip: Pogo.

From the Bowling Green Daily News:

A Warren County grand jury decided Wednesday that a Bowling Green man was justified in shooting a 15-year-old boy who was apparently attempting to break into his home.

Eros Berisaj, 15, was fatally shot in the head at about 5:11 p.m. April 3 at 525 Creekwood Court by the homeowner, Jeff McGuire. The case was presented to the grand jury, which issued a “no true bill,” declining to charge McGuire. 

Looks like the teen picked the wrong house (in the wrong state) to rob. 

Kentucky law allows a homeowner to use lethal force to stop someone from committing a burglary, robbery or any other felony utilizing force at his or her home. McGuire also had a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Kentucky. 

The police report had this to say about the teen: 

Berisaj was considered a suspect in several burglaries in the same area where the shooting occurred, according to the report. People interviewed during the investigation also indicated there were at least two other people who could have been with Berisaj when he was shot, according to police records. There had been another burglary at McGuire’s residence several months before the shooting; McGuire had also told neighbors about someone peeking into windows before the burglary.

Other neighbors told police about suspicious activity in their neighborhood in the weeks before the shooting.

The investigation indicates that Berisaj might have been working with someone older who would identify a house to break into, and then Berisaj would actually steal items such as laptop computers and other electronics, according to the investigation.

The witnesses stated that Berisaj would brag about the burglaries in school, according to the report.

During the original 911 call from Maguire he told dispatchers he needed to move out of Bowling Green, presumably a reference to the increased crime in this immigrant “welcoming” city.

In the wake of Clinton’s Bosnian War we resettled over 100,000 Muslim refugees from Bosnia.

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