From a Smearcasting wannabe

This made me laugh and wonder when I too might have the honor of being on this distinguished list.   Of course I would never presume to be in the company of these great patriots, but maybe in a lower tier.    See Smearcasting’s smears here.

Smearcasting documents the public writings and appearances of Islamophobic activists and pundits who intentionally and regularly spread fear, bigotry and misinformation in the media. Offering a fresh look at Islamophobia and its perpetrators in today’s media, it also provides four snapshots, or case studies, describing how Islamophobes manipulate media in order to paint Muslims with a broad, hateful brush.

If you click on the face of each “Islamophobe” you will get a description of how “hateful” each is.

Hey, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, I said this in the Salt Lake City Tribune this week, will it help me make the list?

Corcoran also objects to the number of Muslim refugees who have resettled in the United States in recent years because she worries about cultural clashes on the scale of those seen in Europe.

Note to Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (their name is funny too):    using words like “Islamophobe”, “bigotry”, “fear”, “hate”……racism, xenophobia, nativism and on and on and on, doesn’t work anymore.

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