Diversity is strength? Does that mean witchcraft too?

Brenda Walker over at VDARE has a very detailed article (with lots of links) this week about African immigration and witchcraft that raises the question AGAIN, where is the evidence that diversity is strength?  It further challenges this radical cult-like worship of cultural relativism we’ve talked about on other occasions.    Hat tip: Blulitespecial.

This is the end of Walker’s article: 

So it goes in the increasingly borderless world that elites are promoting, in opposition to our old-fashioned nations with unitary cultures.

The advantages of One-Worldism are much-touted. We hear much less about the darker side of human nature with its many dark corners of fear and ignorance.

The social progress we have made in America is threatened by the deluge of immigrants whose customs are incompatible with our values. We have a system of government and society which we run by principles based on reason, not the reading of entrails. And we would like to keep depending on rationality.

Remember this when the new President starts pressing for more African immigration and influence.

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