State Department now says all P-3 family reunification is suspended

Update Nov. 23rd:  I get answers to my questions in this post from someone who knows.

O.K. what is going on here?   Today the State Department, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration has sent out another “fact sheet.”    At first glance it looks just like the one from November 12th, the one reported here.  That’s the bombshell disguised as a fact sheet that admitted that tens of thousands of Somalis and other Africans got into the US fraudulently.  

Now comes a second fact sheet today, November 18th, that looks the same except for yet another astounding piece of news.   This one says all P-3 family reunification is suspended worldwide.

This is the question that is the same on both fact sheets:

Q: Is the P-3 program suspended in those countries where DNA testing has not taken place and/or there is no evidence of fraud?

Here is the answer to that question from the Nov. 12th release:

A: No. The P-3 is not suspended for non-African nationalities. However, the number of individuals applying from non-African countries, such as Burma, Cuba, etc., is very small.

Today, the answer has changed to this:

A: Although the Department of State is not currently accepting Affidavits of Relationship (AORs) for any nationality as of October 22, 2008, Overseas Processing Entities (OPEs) continue to process those AORs that were forwarded overseas prior to March 2008.

This leads to all sorts of questions on my part about what this means.  My speculations range from the benign, to the politically correct, to the sneaky, and to the serious security threat explanation:

*  Was the first fact sheet put out with a factual error (benign reason for the discrepancy)?

*  Has this problem become so thorny that some good people felt they had to do something before the waning days of the present administration?  But it really is too late to do anything of substance now.

*  And, why then halt the processing for refugees from countries that have not demonstrated fraud?  Or, is this more of an equal rights issue?  If we are going to cut off Muslims from Africa, we gotta be fair and cut off those Burmese Christians too?  Did CAIR call the State Department? (politcally correct explanation)

*  Or, is this just such a can of worms that the remnants of the Bush Administration are simply washing their hands of it and leaving (the crisis!) for the Obama Administration to sort out?  (sneaky explanation)

*  Has Homeland Security found a serious possible threat from the thousands of now unknown Somalis (they couldn’t have been screened, if they aren’t who they say they are) living in the US and decided it all should be shut down until more safeguards are in place?  (serious security threat)

I invite readers to join in my speculation and send a comment with your guess.  Either choose one of my theories or introduce new ones!

Oh, and one last thing.   This line is in both “fact sheets”:

Note that the initial DNA testing was limited to members of families applying for the P-3 program, and not between the applicants and the anchor relative in the United States.

It is now time to DNA test those “anchors” because it is they who are primarily responsible for lying about their “relatives” abroad.   Deport a bunch back to Africa and that will send a more powerful message then a suspension will.  It would aim the arrow of the law at the real criminals and not the law abiding people who just want to bring a loved one, such as a real spouse, to America.

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