Minnesota mystery: where have all the Somali young men gone?

Update Nov. 26th:   Now 40 men are missing!

Update Nov. 25th:   Looks like we are beginning to get an idea–recruited for terrorist training!

Update:   More insight (and humor) on this story at Gates of Vienna here.

Thanks to the Baron at Gates of Vienna for this shocking news.   Well maybe not so shocking if you’ve been following our extensive coverage of Somali refugees in the US.

Somali young men are missing in Minneapolis, according to MyFox:

MINNEAPOLIS — Young Somali men are vanishing off the streets of the Twin Cities. More than 20 have left in the last few months, and the community fears they’ve gone back to Somalia to fight in a holy war.

If this is true (a big ‘if’) in light of the Somali Jesse Jackson’s involvement, then think about it.   We have resettled Somali refugees by the tens of thousands and just last week had confirmed to us that a large percentage are here fraudulently.    Now, we learn that some of those young men we were giving educations, homes, food, and healthcare to, have up and left to fight in a war in Africa.  In other words, are we breeding and raising warriors, not young people wanting to be Americans to follow the American dream?

The other possible scenario, since Omar Jamal is quoted as the expert here (again!), is that they are somewhere else preparing for jihad.

The families and community leaders believe the men have gone back to fight in a bloody civil war, in which Al Quiada is a major player.

“They’re concerned emotional and in shock,” Omar Jamal, of the Somali Justice Center said. “They’re completely grief stricken.

Omar Jamal is the ultimate spinmeister.  We first heard about him in August 2007, only a month after RRW was launched.  He was spinning and defending a Somali rapist in St. Paul who had been caught on camera doing the crime.   I’ll let you review our Omar Jamal archive which includes posts about his extensive activities as follows:

I called him the Somali Jesse Jackson when he got involved in the Denver Somali Cyanide death telling the media that the Canadian found dead with enough cyanide to kill hundreds was just a nut, not a terrorist.  In that post we learned Jamal had been ordered deported due to immigration fraud.  He reportedly lied to get into the US.  Of course, the big question now is why is he still here?

We also learned in that post that Jamal is the uncle to a Canadian Somali indicted for giving material support to Al-Queda in 2003.

Then we caught sight of him again in an article in which it says the Socialist Workers Party helped him fight his deportation.

He crops up in every story on Somali gang murders in Minneapolis, seemingly the go-to guy for local law enforcement.

We’ve heard him blame ‘no child left behind’ for problems Somali students have in US schools.

Most recently he was in the middle of the mess involving a possible election fraud in a predominantly Somali community.  We learned in that article that Jamal is related to the president of Somalia.

And, now here he is again telling us how distraught the families are that their young sons have gone off to Africa to fight in the Somali civil war.    Or possibly they heard how much they can make from piracy, beats working in meatpacking for a living?  See “…where everyone wants to be a Somali pirate.”

Or, maybe, just maybe, they are somewhere else in the world getting ready for jihad?

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