SEIU saves the crew of the Maersk Alabama, huh?

I told you before that I signed a petition some months back demanding a halt to all Muslim immigration to the US.   Well, within a few days I was receiving e-mails from the Service Employees International Union(SEIU), the Union all tangled up with Obama and Blago,  thanking me for signing up for their cause. They even took my name (they said) to Capital Hill in support of the Employee Free Choice Act.   I was furious at the cheaters, but their e-mails give me some insight into the cheating mind-set of this Union that is busy organizing Somalis.

Well, this past week I received an e-mail alert from them bragging about how unions, and by extension SEIU, were behind the brave action of the crew of the Maersk Alabama in their fight that ended in the annihilation of three black Somali Muslim teens.  Entitled Unions 1, Pirates 0, here it is.  Note that only with passage of the Employee Free Choice Act will such acts of bravery be possible.

I wish I could find it now, but I saw a photo of Somali SEIU lackeys demonstrating somewhere in the last few months.  The Somalis were all carrying SEIU signs.  The image came to mind when I watched that film clip of a crew member of the Maersk Alabama bragging about defeating the Somali pirates, and I wondered how the Somali Americans feel about that humiliation of their kin.

In my wandering around the web this morning to see what else I could find about Somalis being organized by SEIU, I found a couple of interesting nuggets.

Take Action Minnesota, a community organizing network to which SEIU belongs, is helping Somalis organize politically in that state.  Just last month they held their first Somali Day at the Capital.

(St. Paul, MN) March 12, 2009 – On Thursday, Minnesota’s Somali-American community gathered at the State Capitol in their first-ever “Somali Day on the Hill.” Hosted by Somali Action Alliance of Minneapolis, the all-day event was developed to introduce leaders from Somali communities from around Minnesota to the state legislative process and to provide initial contact with legislators on important issues such as education, headwear in driver’s license photos, racial justice, health care and jobs.

We have written extensively in our community destabilization category about how important it is for the hard Left to create disunity among groups of people so as to fuel the battle of the ‘have-nots’ vs. the ‘haves’ and bring about a socialist form of government.  Not to mention the fact that Unions need dues-paying members!  Since they were running out of unhappy Americans, they had to move on to organize and agitate immigrant groups to demand stuff.  That is where the Somalis fit in, they are lackeys for the Radical Left.

Ending on a humorous note (another humorous note, since the first is that Union membership saved the crew of the Maersk Alabama), Michelle Malkin reported last month that the SEIU had to dump some of its own workers and those workers went out and used their training to picket the SEIU!  I didn’t see that in the mainstream media, did you?

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