New Somali Center opens in ‘welcoming’ Lexington, NE

I wonder who is funding the new Somali Community Center?  I betcha it’s the taxpayers again.  Remember the scandal in Nashville about the Somali Community Center fraud involving federal grants.  I don’t think the taxpayer ever got justice there.   Hey, come to think of it, where is the Iraqi Community Center, the Burmese Community Center, the Bhutanese Community Center, or the Sudanese Community Center?  How are the Somalis getting the inside track on these centers?

LEXINGTON – There is a new Somali Community Service Center offering assistance to refugees who have moved to Lexington.

The center is located in the Plum Creek Mall at 513 N. Grant St., Suite 14, in Lexington, and offers English lessons, a computer laboratory, and youth programs to Somalis who have arrived in Lexington.

Naji Abdi, 24, is the director of the Somali Community Service Center. He migrated from Somalia to Kenya when he was a child, and before he came to the United States he received a computer science degree from Kenya University.

He moved first to Minneapolis, Minn., and then to Lexington in search of employment in July 2006. He works at Tyson Fresh Foods, Inc., and, with his wife, is raising three children.

Now who would have guessed there would be a meatpacker lurking somewhere!

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