Rwandan Refugee, is he or isn’t he a mass murderer?

That is the question this Buffalo News story asks us to consider.   Let me say at the outset, I have no clue and apparently hardly anyone else knows either.  Read the whole article and see what you think.   It begins:

In America, Benoit Kabayiza is a success story — a family man who came here as a refugee a decade ago, not knowing a word of English, but later graduating from two colleges before becoming an accountant.

But back in his homeland of Rwanda, government prosecutors portray him as a torturer and mass murderer and accuse him of being one of the leaders in the extermination of Tutsi tribe members during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, when 800,000 people were slain in 100 days.

“[Kabayiza] trained, indoctrinated, encouraged, provided criminal intelligence, transported and distributed arms” to mobs who murdered and raped the Tutsis, an indictment a Rwandan government prosecutor filed in 2007 read.

Interpol, the international police organization based in France, identifies Kabayiza as Ntawukuriryayo, a fugitive accused of genocide and war crimes.

Rwanda’s government also alleges that Kabayiza’s father — a powerful government official in Rwanda at the time of the genocide — orchestrated the murders of more than 25,000 Tutsis.

But friends and supporters of Kabayiza say they are convinced the charges are untrue. They also claim that Rwanda’s government has political reasons for calling Kabayiza a genocide leader.

Read on and hear both sides of the case.

Reform needed

There are only a few comments, but two of them prove a point that we continually try to make at RRW, and that is that the general public has absolutely NO idea that the refugee resettlement program exists, let alone how it works.  That must be corrected.  Here are the two comments:

From Robert14219:

why is buffalo so attractive to these foreigners who come here for WELFARE ? and who is paying for the lawyer(s) to defend this guy ?…hope its not the erie county taxpayers


What type of visa is he here on?

It is incumbent on every “welcoming” resettlement city government, the government contractor resettlement agencies and its local news paper to be responsible for educating the public.  Yes, there will be those who object which must be the reason the secrecy continues.   But, the local citizens have a right to know what programs Washington is bringing to their community!  If Washington can’t prove to local citizens that it is a good program that will benefit the community, then it shouldn’t be permitted.

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