Hillary goes to Somalia and ticks off Al Shabaab

Well, no that is not the headline in the New York Times that reports glowingly about Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to the Somalia this past week, but it should be.  Clinton promised the tottering government that the US would continue to send all sorts of goodies and weapons to help prop up the “moderate Muslim” government. 

I hope, however, that our Homeland Security people are ready for retaliation.  If you will recall the Jihadists claim that the US-backed invading Ethiopian troops entering Somalia were the reason they were fighting—for nationalism, for defense of their homeland.   Garbage of course,  the Ethiopians are gone and they are still fighting.  The Al Shabaab is fighting to create a radical Islamic state in the Horn of Africa.

Anyway, here is how the NYT begins its schmaltzy story:

NAIROBI, Kenya — Somalia’s beleaguered transitional government received desperately needed support on Thursday as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton praised its president as “the best hope we’ve had for some time,” then strongly warned Eritrea to stop supporting insurgents in the country.

Mrs. Clinton met with Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, elected Somalia’s president in January, for more than an hour. She promised more aid, training and equipment, in addition to the millions of dollars’ worth of weapons the United States has recently shipped to his government.

“We need to be there to help them deliver the results of stability to the people of Somalia, who have suffered for so long,” Mrs. Clinton said.

Sheik Sharif can use the help. His moderate Islamist government controls no more than a few city blocks in a country the size of Texas, with extremist Islamist groups, like the Shabab, in charge of much of the rest.

Now, here we go with this head-in-the-sand notion that I witnessed at the Senate Homeland Security hearing last March, that somehow as long as we could keep Al-Qaeda out of Somalia we were safe.  What the hell!  Al-Shabaab is virtually the same organization with the same goals—destroy the West!  And, they are already in the US!  They also have no respect for Obama as we saw when Al-Amriki made fun of Obama’s Cairo speech.

“No doubt that Al Shabab wants to obtain control over Somalia and use it as a base to influence and infiltrate surrounding countries,” she said. “If Al Shabab were to obtain a haven in Somalia which could then attract Al Qaeda and other terrorist actors, it would be a threat to the United States.”

The handshake death sentence.

Then this was a really stupid move on Hillary’s part.  They could have planned ahead of time to not shake hands in public.   Shaking hands with a woman, an infidel woman no less, is strickly forbidden in Shariah law.  

Sheik Sharif seemed to bask in the attention. He stood riveted at a lectern next to Mrs. Clinton at an end-of-the-day news conference, wearing a crisp blue suit, an Islamic prayer hat and a lapel pin of joined Somali and American flags.

Before saying goodbye, he vigorously shook Mrs. Clinton’s hand — which caught the eye of one Somali journalist, who asked the president if that was religiously forbidden.

“No, no,” Sheik Sharif said and flashed a nervous grin. “Next question?”

Obama, Hillary, the NYT, the Left, they just don’t get it.  I’m not suggesting we tip-toe around Al Shabaab, just that we do nothing overtly naive and stupid.  All of this—giving weapons and support to the “moderate” government—could have been done with no fanfare and no overt ‘in your face’ gesture like this lovefest/handshake press conference.  Now that Hillary has added more fuel to a raging bonfire, are she and Obama going to do anything more for Somalia—I doubt it.

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