More on Malaysia: a Muslim country that treats refugees like dirt (or worse)

We’ve told you about this before during my rant about a UN report that said the idea of charity toward refugees originated with the Islamic so-called faith.  I told you then that Muslim countries generally do not welcome the stranger and here is further confirmation that a fairly prosperous Muslim country is abusing the refugees who arrive there.  Hat tip:  B.L.

Where are the refugees all hoping to go—to Australia of course!  A very lucrative human trafficking business has sprung up in Malaysia as a result.   From The Age:

RAMESHWAREN, a young Tamil asylum-seeker from Sri Lanka, speaks quietly, with a painful melancholy that belies his years.

“I feel castrated,” he says, looking up from the floor. “All of this is unbearable. I am on the edge of a mental breakdown.”

One of an estimated 100,000 refugees living precariously in Malaysia, and one of 16 million recognised asylum seekers worldwide, Rameshwaren’s helplessness is a frustration felt around the world.

Just one of every 250 people who have been forced to flee their countries because of war, famine and persecution can expect to be resettled as a refugee this year.

And this is why, he says, he is prepared to chance his arm and take a boat to Australia.

“I can’t return to Sri Lanka but there is no life for me here in Malaysia,” he says. “I cannot work here legally, there is no medical (care), there is no education. I don’t think that the UN will be able to resettle us. So we have to find somewhere else, we have to find some way to get there by ourselves. That is why I want to take a boat to Australia.

“It is a land of freedom. It is somewhere safe for me, my mother, my sisters and brother.”

Along with Afghans and Pakistanis, Sri Lankans are making up an increasing share of the asylum seekers paying thousands of dollars to reach Australia. Almost 200 Sri Lankans arrived last weekend, taking a vessel direct from Malaysia to Christmas Island.

Apparently the UNHCR isn’t able to protect the refugees entering Malaysia.

Yet, for all the infrastructure for illegal migrants, many refugees find Malaysia profoundly unwelcoming. It does not recognise the UN convention for refugees and its corrupt and sometimes brutal immigration officials, police and a paramilitary civilian volunteer corps known as RELA are accused of frequently harassing migrants, even those with UN Commission for Refugees cards.

UN: Boats trying to get to Australia, just the tip of the iceberg.

The UNHCR deputy representative in Malaysia, Henrik Nordentoft, says there are “great difficulties” for asylum seekers in Malaysia and that the boats intercepted recently along the route between Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia are “probably the tip of the iceberg”.

I don’t know what is to be done about the following, but I do know that if the US, Europe and Australia succumb to pressure by Leftwing open borders do-gooders and try to take on this huge challenge, just like a life boat that is overloaded and sinks with all aboard, so also will we.

He [UN Rep] points to the global dimensions of the problem. While asylum claims rose 28 per cent last year, and there were 42 million displaced people and more than 16 million officially recognised asylum seekers, only 67,000 people were resettled.

Endnote:  Yesterday I reported that the Obama Administration could expand the definition for asylum and possibly open the door for even more asylees to seek entry into the US.

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