6-year-old Bhutanese refugee girl killed in Atlanta area accident last week

The girl and her family had only been in the US two weeks when a Georgia man, driving carelessly, passed a bus when the little girl and her mother were attempting to cross the street.   I should have posted this last week when it happened.

Suk Maya Monger was memorialized Thursday, two weeks after her family relocated to the United States and two days after she was hit and killed by a Lincoln Navigator as she crossed the street. 

According to Ellen Beattie, executive director of the International Rescue Committee, the family were refugees from Nepal still trying to take care of the basics of living in the United States in a Clarkston apartment.


The Mongers borrowed money from a United Nations program to cover the cost of coming to the United States. The family is expected to be self-supporting within six months and that money must be repaid.

In the meanwhile, Beattie said, the IRC will move the family to another apartment. Suk Maya was hit near their current home, and it’s a permanent reminder of the tragedy.

“The mother is very, very distraught on top of a lot of other things they went through,” Beattie said. “She is very much in shock and has not been able to accept that she will never see her daughter again.”

This tragedy followed on the heels of the Bhutanese refugee murder that occurred in Jacksonville, FL last month and the robbery at gunpoint of another Bhutanese refugee in Atlanta ten days ago, here.

We will be resettling 60,000 Bhutanese (ethnic Nepalese) over the next 5 years.

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