Rifqa Bary is fighting for her life

Update September 7th:  Jerry Gordon at New English Review has more on the case here.

Update August 26th:  Pamela has an update story with more details of the Bary family plans to skip the country at American Thinker today.

Just now as I was writing the “Joker” post I hopped over to Atlas Shrugs figuring Pamela Geller would be having a good laugh over it too, but instead I found her far from laughing over Obama and instead making a desperate appeal to her readers to help save Ohio teen Rifqa Bary.   Rifqa is a Muslim convert to Christianity and is hiding in Florida from a family she believes will kill her if she is returned to them.  

Honor killings are becoming all too common, lets help Rifqa not be the next one.   Please visit Atlas Shrugs and see what you can do to help.

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