ECBO employment services: why hire a (Muslim) refugee?

Your tax dollars:

I’m going to be telling you about Ethnic Community Based Organizations (ECBO’s) just about every day from now on.   This one today is the Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee.  They previously called themselves the Somali Community Center but I bet that the name change is only superficial and for all intents and purposes they are still run by and for Somalis.

I told you about their name change here in February and surmised it was because they had a big grant fraud scam and changed their name so that when they apply for grants in the future they don’t raise red flags.    Also, by taking the word “Somali” out of the title they likely are open to receiving grants that might benefit other immigrant groups.  Looking at the site just now, it still sure looks like a site geared to Muslim immigrants and not to a broad base  of the immigrant population of Nashville.

Here is the page called “Why hire a refugee?”

The Center for Refugees & Immigrants of Tennessee can help you find good employees without a placement fee!

We have unrestricted work-authorized refugees with experience in assembly line/production, warehouses, hospitality, quality control, and professional positions.





Motivated, hard workers

Ready to learn new skills

Eager to get a job, keep it and support their families

Flexible about what shift they work

Able to work on weekends and on holidays, including

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

New Years Eve and New Years Day


Independence Day

We Provide:

Pre-employment assistance, including:

Assistance finding jobs & preparing for interviews

Orientation on expectations on the job

Post-placement assistance and support

Free English classes and/or computer classes to our clients in our office

Allow us to help you with your hiring needs.
Call Kerry Foley at 615-366-6868

So , what do you notice besides the fact that, despite the word “free,” you, the taxpayer, are paying for immigrant employment services to benefit the likes of Tysons Food and other big companies, probably including Loew’s Vanderbilt Hotel (LOL!)

The Center’s website lists the following nationalities as ones the Center helps and supports:

The agency serves Somali refugees, including newly arriving Bantu, as well as Sudanese, Ethiopian, Congolese, Burundian, Rwandan, Ugandan, Cameroonian and other refugees living in the Middle Tennessee area.

What! Are none of these other immigrants Christians?  Sure they are.   As a matter of fact, most of those countries mentioned have large Christian populations. So why does the employment notice say they are willing to work on Christian holidays and Independence Day (Muslims do not care about our most patriotic day)?   The advertisement is to help Muslims only find employment.

And, you are paying for this with your tax dollars!  This Somali Center, although it had previously been caught in grant fraud, received $434,710 in federal grants in 2007 (here).  And here they are getting $150,000 from the Office of Refugee Resettlement in 2008 and who knows how much more from other agencies of the federal government.

To find a federally-funded Somali ‘community organizing’ center near you, go here.

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