Iraqis coming across the Mexican border illegally

This will make you sick!  We are paying the airfare and initial living expenses for tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees entering the US while others are coming across our borders illegally.  Meanwhile, some of those Iraqi refugees in the US legally are complaining that they aren’t getting the stuff they were promised and incredibly want to go home to the Middle East.

This article in the Minnesota Post begins with a sob-story account of why these three Muslim Kurds left wives and small children to fend for themselves in Iraq while they spent their family’s money for an illegal trip that ended in swimming across the Rio Grande.  You can go read their likely fabricated stories, I’m not posting them.

So go the stories of three Iraqi Kurds who fled their homeland and, after a long journey through Mexico and a quick swim across the Rio Grande, are now languishing inside a federal lockup in this small South Texas town.

The journeys of Wshyar Mohammed-Salih, Majeed Aziz-Beirut and Awat Mahmood-Qadir exemplify the rarely examined phenomenon of the illegal movement of Iraqis over the U.S.-Mexico border since the 2003 American invasion.

They were smuggled into the US with the help of Mexico and asylum lawyers must be waiting on the US side to help them apply for asylum.  If granted asylum they get the benefits legal refugees receive.

The men say they paid a Turkish smuggler $20,000 apiece to secure Mexican visas and airfare that would get them within striking distance of the Rio Grande. Court records say they floated across on March 12 north of McAllen. Five months later, they are waiting for a chance to ask a judge for political asylum.

The number of Iraqis showing up legally and forming small communities in American cities has been well-noted, but much less attention is paid to Iraqis who steal over the border.

“I know America has brought a lot of Iraqis here to live,” Majeed said. “I want to be one of them.”

The exact number is not known, though statistics indicate the stream is small but steady. U.S. Border Patrol apprehension numbers obtained by GlobalPost show that about 200 Iraqis have been caught crossing between 2003 and 2008. That doesn’t account for those who got through and were either never caught or got caught later. The Department of Homeland Security reports having located 964 deportable Iraqis in the U.S. between 2003 and 2008. Some 2,278 Iraqis petitioned for asylum during that time.  [these 2,278 must have gotten past the border patrol].

Then they plan to bring the family!

In choosing the U.S. over other destinations, Wshyar said conventional street wisdom held that America offered amazing promises. He hoped America would welcome him with open arms and then he would bring his family over.

The Turkey-Mexico connection:

Wshyar, Majeed and Awat said Murat charged them $20,000 up front with no guarantee they’d ever even see him again. In return, they were promised Mexican entry visas on their passports, airfare to Mexico City, lodging and delivery into America.

To get started they handed Murat their passports. The next day, they were instructed to meet Murat at the Mexican Embassy in Ankara. There, Murat handed them their passports with Mexican visas inside.

From Ankara, the Iraqis flew with Murat to Dubai, then France and finally arrived in Mexico City on Feb. 3. After several fits and starts over the next month, Murat and a Mexican smuggler led the three men at 2 p.m. on March 12 to a small boat on the banks of the Rio Grande. A Mexican man waiting in a truck on the other side was to take them to a hotel and drop them off.

They got caught and now have asylum lawyers probably provided free of charge by some Leftwing Open Borders group.

Who do we blame for this?

Go here to see the list of businesses, unions, churches and other non-profit lobbying groups that support this — illegal entry into the US—and are working with the Obama Administration to open our borders.   They met at the White House last week to get their marching orders.  Here are some of the businesses selling out America on that list:  McDonald’s, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Hewlett Packard, Citigroup, and Oracle.

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