Moral of this story: Let Africa take care of Africa

Right up front, let me say, I have  no intention of getting deeper into the Rwanda issue I brought to your attention earlier this month.  In that story from Buffalo, NY, a former refugee is accused by the Rwandan government of being a participant in the Rwandan genocide that occurred during the Clinton Administration in the 1990’s.

I don’t want to know which side is right.  Here is a very long foot-noted article that claims that Rwanda is sending phoney asylum seekers to the UK and US to hunt down those opposing the present government of Rwanda.

An investigation has uncovered an asylum system scandal where bogus Rwandan “refugees” infiltrate the U.S. and U.K. and work as undercover agents to hunt down critics of the Rwandan dictatorship and legitimate refugees and drag them back to Rwanda. This is yet the latest revelation on how the dictatorship in Rwˇˇanda manufactures and exports terrorism using an ideology of genocide and how the West supports terrorism by backing its Rwanda proxy. Meanwhile, business in Rwanda is booming and the criminal networks of the Kagame military machine continue to plunder the blood-drenched Congo.

That sort of sounds like what is happening with the Buffalo Rwandan former refugee.  Keep in mind we also noted that this silly outfit, Refugees United, exists to help track down missing refugees.  Can’t refugees find family members through safer existing channels within government, NGO’s and the UNHCR?

The article in Free Uganda, a publication of a self-proclaimed group of “Revolutionaries,” goes on to say:

There are many charities and non-government organizations from the U.S. and U.K. that run large money-making operations that claim to benefit Rwanda. These charities complete the circle of propaganda and seal the doubt of public opinion by legitimizing a terrorist government under the unimpeachable veneer of humanitarianism and goodwill.

These charities work the media system, providing expert spokespeople and framing issues for the mass media. The media system works the charities, using them to institutionalize ideology and further their select political agendas. Like the media, the charities peddle the establishment line throughout, meanwhile claiming that they are “not political.” But it is always the same: like Praxis, they unflinchingly adhere to the upside-down mythology which turns victims into killers and killers into victims with very little middle ground in between.

I guess these revolutionaries have no faith in non-profits either!

Again, I am not posting this to pick sides.  I have no clue what is really happening in Rwanda, or DR Congo, or Uganda, or Somalia or Kenya for that matter, and neither do you!

We have already determined that immigration fraud is widespread among refugees from Africa—heck the US State Department’s P-3 family reunification program is still closed as far as I know.   That was because of immigration fraud primarily among Somalis and Liberians.  This article tells us there is additional fraud among Rwandan refugees and asylees.

The moral of this story!  We don’t need to worry about which side is the right side, as I said in my title, let Africa take care of Africa.  Let us take care of America.

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